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(bihartimes)in view of the proposed central university to be established in bihar and proposal to locate it in motihari not materializing, the governement of bihar under the visionary leadership of nitish kumar should revive the vikramshila university as first central university of bihar. the great historic efforts of nitish-modi government to revive the ancient nalanda university are path breaking which will henceforth be sung in the folklores of bihar and also the buddhist world for years to come. but why neglect vikramshila university which was one of the finest international universities of ancient india on almost equal stature to that of the great nalanda university ? the importance of vikramshila university need not be emphasized, as the whole world knows about its ancient glory. reestablishing vikramshila as the central university at its original location near bhagalpur will solve dual  purpose : reestablish one of our most precious ancient heritage and at the same time uplift an under-developed rural area of bihar to the world map of knowledge and glory.  by reviving the vikramshila, bihar will have two of the finest universities in asia and perhaps the whole world. infrastructure wise the silk city of bhagalpur is well placed, well connected with rail and road. an international airport can be laid for air-connectivity. by reestablishing vikramshila, it will be much sought after international education hub in asia, with tourists, students and scholars from all over the buddhist world flocking it. it will enhance the prestige of bihar in the world map. once its enactment in the bihar bidhan sabha is done, developmental processes can follow in the similar way to that of niu to seek funds not only from hrd ministry, govt. of india but from the entire buddhist world. here it must be emphasized that vikramshila should be established not as a mere central university but as a truly international university. cu should be used as only one of the tools for recreating the masterpiece. 
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i fully agree that the government or, if possible, some reputed private entrepreneur in education sector or some business houses such as birlas or ambanis take up this initiative to set up a world class university in vikramsila. unfortunately, even the project of nalanda international university is in doubt. this type of project requires missionary zeal. pandit madan mohan malviya did create bhu so called amu got built. bihar government is getting all institutes in and around patna. this will not help an all out development of bihar.

i wish some educationist from bihar makes it a mission, and make it happen.



it will be great to see the vikaramshila university as a cental university.
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