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will gen next save bihar?

indra r. sharma


(bihartimes) i am shocked. some politicians of bihar are making rana pratap the same as some in maharashtra did with shivaji. i don’t know why rajasthan is not objecting to their hijacking of rana pratap. rana pratap and shivaji are two indian icons. they never belonged to any community or caste. but as these leaders can neither invent any new issue nor they are ready to look after the development of the region they represent, they keep themselves busy with the caste based politics. who can put a stop to such unscrupulous leaders from organizing such functions or rallies?
i wish the gen next could do that? let them start questioning these leaders. how can rana pratap represent only a particular caste? what about the tribals of rajasthan who helped rana pratap or bhamashah who financially helped rana pratap? why do these leaders still trying to take shelter in caste to keep themselves relevant?
one thing that i hate in bihar is the useless affinity shown by its people for the leaders of their own castes, though they hardly help them anyway unless one is useful to them.
i have one more question to these leaders. why don’t they find some local icons? is there a dearth of them? they could have put forward kunwar singh, the fighter of 1857. and there must be some more if they research.
let these leaders and all the people of bihar understand and appreciate that these divisive approaches are damaging the image of bihar more than anything else. bihar will have to emerge strong only with its hard innovative success stories from farm fields, educational institutes, handicrafts cooperatives, and by finding ways and means to manufacture some key consumables for marketing all over the country. let me also make it clear to all those assuming themselves in ’sabarn’ or forward categories that they are just as backward as obc. exceptions are minuscule in number.
i appeal the younger generation to come forward and create a new social order and environment in bihar with a contemporary mindset, and they can do that.



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