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ashamed bihar and terrorism in assembly

indra r sharma 


(bihartimes) when the people in many parts in bihar are worried about the impending drought, when the middle class and the poor in the state that constitute the majority are suffering because of high prices due to unprecedented inflation, their representatives in the assembly are engaged in a shameful act to get media coverage.
were they elected by the people of bihar to do the same that they did in bihar assembly and the whole country saw? are they not fooling the people? are the people of bihar ready to accept their actions and concur with it?
and if it is for telling the people how actively they worked as their representatives through these acts of vandalism destroying the public properties, will the people re-elect them in the coming assembly election? if they still do, it will be a disgrace for bihar, its leaders such as jay prakash narayan and its people?
the opposition can certainly demand the discussion and even the resignation of the chief minster on the issue of suspected corruption but it doesn’t have the mandate to take law in their own hands, to physically fight in the house or to overturn the desks, break the chairs and uproot the microphones or hurl slippers at speaker? and all these happened in full view of the tv cameras and shown almost live to the whole country.
one can see a woman legislator going almost berserk throwing flower vases, photo. was there a necessity of her chandi act?
why can’t the legislators involved in violating the law and acting as criminals, the lady in particular that can easily be recognized be charged and convicted? why don’t some pil enthusiast come forward and demand legal proceedings against them? why the constitution not be amended to jail such persons in the same manner as commoners?
i wonder why bihar is learning all bad things from everywhere, from the legislators of up and karnataka, or some from the neighbouring bengal?
i wish they get worried about the drought or the flood.

the views expressed by the author are personal.





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