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mr. nitish! very poor of you

indra r sharma


i had adored nitish kumar till date. i still think he is the best bet for bihar. but somehow i didn’t like the way he expressed himself on modi issue. is it due to some personal frustration? is he losing his hold of bihar, and wish to be in power by following all the appeasement prescriptions that some of his caste-biased friends follow?
was it ethical for him to remain in alliance with bjp, if he so strongly felt about modi? should he not behave with modi as a chief minister of a much more developed state? is it the way a host state chief behaves with the chief minister of a state that employs large number of bihar’s immigrants? what happens if the people of gujarat take it as humiliation for its chief minister and react? how can nitish deny that the photograph showing “narendra modi joining hands with nitish kumar in a ludhiana rally” is really just a reprint? i myself had watched that to happen.
modi has won election after election in gujarat and remains chief minster because of his development work and popularity and not only because he is a bjp man. most of the biggest industrialists adore him for his efficient way of working. every indian has seen how fast tata motors moved to sanand in gujarat after the mamta’s singur fiasco. at that time, even nitish had invited ratan tata. why could nitish not attract any of the industrialists for any project worth a mention in the whole of his term?
nitish kumar cancelled a dinner he was hosting at his official residence for visiting bjp leaders including modi. i wish nitish wouldn’t have done that. it’s not a way a mature leader behaves. rather nitish would have invited modi for dinner on one to one basis, as modi was the visiting chief minister of a state of india.
nitish’s statement on the gujarat’s contribution for kosi flood victims was also in bad taste.
if muslims of bihar decides the party to be voted on basis of the hatred shown against modi, i pity nitish even if he wins. nitish must get them in his folds by his own work towards their welfare.
there is something beyond politics too and that is the way one behaves with friends and foes. perhaps nitish has gone under the influence of some sycophants in his closer circle.
as it appears sharad yadav is trying to save the situation but it will still be prudent if nitish talks to modi.
will nitish like a similar behavior from modi when he goes to gujarat? and nitish must make a point to visit the state to see how his own men have found shelter there. i wish he learns something from modi too. look what modi said while addressing the people of bihar in patna:”people of bihar have contributed to gujarat’s progress. i have come here to salute the people of bihar.”
however, i still think the people of bihar must re-elect nitish and wish nitish to avoid speaking a little too much.

the views expressed by the author are personal.


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