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iit day again

iit day again

indra r sharma


and the day would have been one of celebration in thousands of families in india. the result of the entrance examination for iits has appeared on the website. iit-jee over years has become a symbol of the excellence of education in india. it is the most sought after aspiration for the parents for their children- both male and female.
a total of 13,104 out of about 4.5 lakh candidates succeeded this year for entering 15 iits. it has been increasing every year. the states left out till date, hanker for getting an iit and / or iim. i still wonder why the government went on increasing iits started with the first iit, kharagpur instead of bringing these institutes in different names.
unlike our iit days with girls almost missing in the campus, engineering education has very much become the domain for the girl-students too.1.13 lakh girls appeared this year in the test, and 1476 are in the list of successful ones.
but more surprising for me is the news of the results for the candidates opting for hindi in examination because of certain controversies. about 554 candidates in hindi medium have qualified- a threefold rise over last year's 184. anand kumar of super 30 along with nitish kumar was the most vocal protesters. i am sure there have now no reason to grumble. as promised, iit authority managed it well. but will not those candidates improve their proficiency of english before it’s too late for a better career?
legendary ‘super 30’ patna, the unique and free coaching institute for underprivileged and poorest of poor has made it again with 100% success rate. i heard anand kumar who announced to increase the number of candidates from 30 to 60 for the next year and upgrade it to super 60. if i am not mistaken, a similar plan was in media last year too. i wish anand kumar would have focused on scaling up the intake of underprivileged children that are in plenty in his own state.
perhaps all those who talk of and demand for affirmative action must make super 30 model as the benchmark. i wish anand kumar a success in scaling up the number. if he can do that in bihar, other states must encourage more anand kumars to come up and help affirmative action.
hundreds of brilliant teachers in every state must take the clue from anand kumar or find better means to help the needy students.
however, i still remember the year1957, the registered letter from iit, kharagpur that was the gate pass for my entry into the only institute of national importance at that time, travelled from kharagpur to birlapur and then redirected to pipra and my grandfather who accompanied me to kharagpur to attend the important interview though i was late according to the letter’s date.
there was no web or even telephones for communication.

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