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dimple smile failed in bihar

diwakar kumar*


congress recorded its worst-ever performance in state assembly elections in bihar in the last 10 years on november 24.

this time rahul gandhi’s charisma, as it did in uttar pradesh, failed in bihar with the party in the state.

parachute politics could not fetch vote to congress in the election. but what could be the prime reason …..??

here the question is not why the congress failed in the state despite rahul’s dimple smile during campaign but the main question why it could not build strong state leadership ahead of fighting this election?

rahul’s magic could not impress people of bihar while campaigning for the state assembly election. here the people are not fool enough to cast their vote to the party campaigning on helicopter as rahul did.

there are many loopholes in the congress party which have resulted, today, it to face decimation.

the state has witnessed a paradigm shift as old styled ideology politics, caste based politics, etc exist, probably, no more in voters’ mind.

five years ago, when the nitish government came into power by smashing rjd, the state had lost any hope of progress. but nitish kumar, who is civil engineer by profession, calculated the state’s plus and minus and finally took many impressive initiatives to take the state into next level.

the most important initiative that caused nitish a landslide victory in the state include the allocation of cycles to school-going girls equally in all the districts, the significant improvement in infrastructure, etc are among many others impressive initiatives which were quite visible in the state if you enter.

the well uniformed girls pedalling in the morning to attend their schools miles away from home worked a lot for the nitish to regain the strength in the state.

the cycle-marketing tool has forced women in bihar to caste their vote to help nitish in landslide win in state assembly election.

now let’s hope that bihar will soon be out of the bimaru state during this regime.

the views expressed by the author are personal.

associate editor, asian news international




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