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governance – hoard of enquiry

sudeep singh


good governance in india resembles setting up of enquiry committee on an incidence which
determines another committee set up. the good governance starts and ends to process
of committee set up and its report. bad governance or miss governance is probably not
even going for enquiry. the real responsibilities of solving the issues and convicting the
guilty are largely missing in indian democratic set up whether it is bofors or as recently as
common wealth game. this very much reflects the lack of accountability in the system of
governance with no negative repercussion on bearer of governance the system continues
to trade downward. in long term it erodes the faith of people in system and resort to
tactics of its own which is mostly in sync of miss governance. the foremost reason of lack
of accountability is incompetent system of hiring people and growing up in the hierarchy
by default rather than performance. due to these malices in system whole system has lost
confidence of acting and resorting to all time favourate policy of passing the bucks. especially
in state like bihar where present chief minister nitesh kumar started with lots of promise
and ended up with heap of paper dumped in government archive.

there are abundances of incidence in country which will not require a mention to prove the
above point. one such incidence which will expose the bureaucratic incompetency in bihar
and country in general. this will also focus how the incompetent people in system tarnish the
functioning of schools & colleges which is pristine and sacrosanct in any vibrant nation. the
incidence is of government school in rahua mani of saharsa district. imparting of education
in school has completely halted since year or so due to incompetency of headmaster of
school mr. ram vinay singh. the headmaster has literally burgled the school from resources
and education has made it a family affair rather than public. the school where his daughter
vandana devi and son in law sujeet kumar is teacher and he as headmaster; is vulgar display
of “conflict of interest.” the family has literally dominated the school and made life of other
teacher difficult and force them to leave. they have filed cases against teacher and principal
who was appointed by govt. to replace them, details are:

1. 360 c /08- ram vinay singh vs surender kumar / kailash in saharsa court. the case
is to harass surender kumar who was to replace ram vinay singh in rahua mani &
kailash rai is teacher in same school.

2. 110 c /10 - ram vinay singh vs reena devi in saharsa court. she is teacher in rahua
school and facing harassment from him.

there has been enquiry conducted by district magistrate of saharsa- mr. r lakshmanan
through two consecutive bdo of kahra block and based on report (report attached) dm
ordered his transfer (letter attached) which has not been implement by present rdd & dsc

mr. suresh prasad & shailender prasad respectively. not only that matter was highlighted
(letter attached) to principal secretary education- mr. anjani kumar singh, education
minister- mr. harinarayan singh and chief minister himself but nothing moved beyond
series of enquiry conducted by sdo and other officials and every report found head master
and his family culprit (letter attached). the sdo categorically found headmaster wanting
on integrity; (letter no-517, 23.6.10) reported for stern action submitted to director mr.
prem singh meena who in turn asked mr. ashutosh kumar- director administration to
further investigate. “this really reflects sad on top bureaucrat of bihar where cm boosts
of susasan . the key question; is job of director / principal secretary is to conduct series
of enquiry only? are these enquiries will ever convert in to stern action”? since year or
so people of village is waiting to see concrete action and its time for cm to ponder on his
commitment to susasan where nothing but entangle of red tepism has increased manifold.

further villagers’s have met rdd & dsc many times but of no use. “in one of the
conversation rdd has clearly stated that dsc is not executing his order and on questioning
why proper action is not initiated against dsc for insubordination? the answer was; he has
send reminder and again remind him to execute the act for which he has been paid from
tax payer’s money”. hence nothing concrete happened for insubordination. the assurance
what people get from dsc is that proper action will be taken post ac /dc episode as if it has
given them permit not to serve people. due to lackluster attitude of education department
village is raging in anger and every day new turn of event take place. “the new twist is
that daughter of head master has lodged police case against villager (case no 48/10) in
bangaon police station of sahrasa district fabricating them with charges like obstructing her
to perform duty / misbehaviour etc and police verification found the charges null and void. it
seems that administration will wake up to blood bath that too with enquiry report”.

where as teaching in schools has completely halted and has become fertile land of pity
politics and what is not performed is what school meant for ! this also highlight the rise of
un constitutional power in country because when state fails to deliver its deliverable un
constitutional parell system rises to occasion in form of naxals & goons. the painful is even
after raising it to cm with abundance of proof; the action is not taken by respective officials
(rdd / dsc) of the department. the whole episode makes mockery of promise of good
governance by so called performing cm- nitesh kumar. one wonder when basic education
system can’t be fixed what can be and how could you deliver with such bureaucrat whose
hands are greased to perform or not perform.

“this is election time in bihar and is suitable time for people to teach government a lesson or
few for not delivering for what it had been elected for”.


the views expressed by the author are personal.



this article really expose the functioning of hrd needs course correction. good to see write exposing the truth. hopefully sensual bureacrat may take action on defaulter. also bihar times may take with concer officer for proer action..




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