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Higher Education under Nitish Rule



Nitish’ ascendance to the Chief Ministerial chair raised the people expectations sky high. They found themselves free from Lalu-Rabri combine misrule. Media supported, praised and put the masses in euphoric mood in the first term. However, in the second term, cloud of doubt dispersed and the sun of reality dawned to the people’s mind. Most neglected sector in the NDA 2nd term has been higher education. The three aspects, broadly speaking, namely promotion, appointment and management have been at their lowest level.

During seven years rule the government failed to clear promotional uncertainty of readers. Ironically, the readers are drawing their salary in that grade without proper promotion but are placed in lecturers’ grade thus showing no vacancy for the appointment. Secondly, recruiting agency like the University Service Commission has been dissolved without providing any proper option for the purpose. Consequently, universities advertised vacancies but they are kept waiting.

For a decade inclusive of seven years (mis)rule of our daydreaming CM not a single appointment could be made. In the name of rationalization, some time has already been deliberately wasted. Appointment of VCs is another apple of discord which is going to be instrumental in further delay as well as a shield against High Court (that ordered to fill up all the posts within three months).

PU as a residential university has enjoyed a privilege of distinction. Now, hostels are worst managed. Specially, Sandalpur and BN College hostels are breeding places of student unrest. So is the case with Patna and Science College hostels. Classes are hardly run without any disturbance. The Central Library has been turned into unauthorized hostels. During day our

Bed rolls can be seen in the library exposing misrule there. The building (Darbhanga House) where humanities classes are held is worst maintained.

Thus, higher education is neglected because it will not help win assembly elections. The Govt. is exposed in BIADA scam (that may not be) as it failed to provide land for proposed Central University (at Motihari?) near Patna. The Chanakya Law University is still incomplete. The Nalanda International University failed to run classes in proposed faculties. The time is short and much is to be done. One must remember the people cannot be befooled again and again.


Narmada Smriti, Azad Lane,

Chaudhary Tola, Patna-6.