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Minister's Form

Syed Faisal


Swapna Nagar lies nowhere in the Map of India. The highly resolvable Google images may also fail to pick out it from the darkest regions of Bihar.

Unaware of its unawareness outside its own boundary, residents of Swapna Nagar are obsessive, enthusiastic and energetic, to welcome one more of the huge events in the state, to use once again their potency and veto power in democracy of choosing the right one. Awarding the sweet rewards of passion, hard-work, courage and intelligence to the Nitish’s unit, it’s now the time to repeat the history in the Panchayati-Raj elections.

May it be Chedi Paswan, Sadanand Jha, Afroj Ansari or Syed Saleem, everyone has plans of utilizing once again their one vote in the best way. Billu Chay wala is in fact more conscious. In his tea business, he’s earned enough of the money. What he needs now is the name and status in Swapna Nagar. So he’s planning to nominate himself for any post and also put his wife’s name (the naïve lady who has always supported him at the shop in maintenance works like wiping table, breaking coals); for the ladies reserved post. His business neighbor Tunna Paanwala is also dreaming and planning almost the same. In fact in each and every family of Swapna Nagar, one or two members have such plans of contesting. To dream, hope, wait and then loose but still continue to have jovial daily life- these are the traits they have got as heritage from their ancestors and are planning to gift the same to their children.

The illusive dreams of the gullible life earners in the darkest nights of this darkest portion of India are not only the things to make this election sensible and at times horrible too. There are the skillful political maneuvers too to make this small process pageantry.

Syamal Cahudhry, the ex MLA of Swapna Nagar started his political carrier almost 30 years ago by getting transformed into the MLA of the town from a notorious criminal and kidnapper. He reached his height in the when he got elected as the Member of Parliament and also a central Minister after changing parties at the right times. But in the next election he lost his seat. When he lost his constituency, he returned back to the state elections changing the party again. He became MLA and a minister in the state. The last election, few months ago bowled him out cleanly dethroning from the post of MLA too.

‘What will be your role in the Panchayat elections, sir?’ His sidekick who was seeking his maestro’s support in his own plan of contesting the election asked.

‘Capturing only two booths will declare the results, no?’ asked the master.

‘Yes sir… yes sir,’ the sidekick expressed his zeal. His master was going to act for him.

‘Two booths- ha, the two booths of my own colony’ sighed the minister.

‘Yes sir, the two booths of your colony only,’ the sidekick expressed his thumping smile.

‘And there is something more. From the last session most of the funds have been transferred to the Panchayati Raaj and Narega schemes. In fact there are more of the sources in it only now,’ interpreted the master.

‘Yes sir, there are more of the schemes and black money in it now.’

‘Well Mandal, you know from last 15 years I’m not in a good form. I lost Dilli first, then Patna and now the Swapna Nagar too.’

‘Yes sir. There has been black shade on us from last few years.’

‘And now I need to get my form back.’

‘The days will change sir. Very soon it will change.’

‘But do you know how will it change?’

‘You’re the father sir, you know it.’

With a fleeting smile the minister asked, ‘what does a cricketer do when he stops taking wickets or making runs?’

‘You are the father sir. You know it better,’ replied the pawn.

‘The cricketer runs away to his old hometown and plays the Ranji and leagues to get his clutch and form back. Similarly the big names in Bollywood when start losing their grasp over their fans and audiences, they run towards the small screens- the televisions, daily-soups to get back their lost spaces.’

‘Yes sir they run towards the lower grounds.’

‘So now it’s my turn to work out and get my form back.’

‘What sir! You will contest in the Panchayat elections!’His long awaited dreams were chopped like the speechless, unresponsive parts of any plant get chopped from the sharp axes of a blunt wood cutter.

‘How easily you capture my signs Mandal! That’s why you’re the best cadet of mine. Yes I’ll capture two booths of my own colony and once again there will be a red-light gypsy in front of my mansion.’

‘But sir, the elections this time will have party interferences. It’s the rule of opposition now. Capturing booths won’t be that easy.’ The best cadet tried his last trick.

‘I’ll change the party again.’