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I had been travelling in Rajendranagar Express (Train No: 12141) from Mumbai CST to Patna in AC 3 tier compartment (Coach No. B-1) on November 03, 2011. Not to my surprise, The train started running late by 4 hours from the originating station itself.

The coach was in bad condition and looked like rejected and ready for scrap coach. From the originating station itself there was no water in two out of four toilets and one of the two wash-basins. This matter was brought to the notice of Coach Attendant and TTE, but they did not pay any heed. Upon repeated follow-up by passengers, TTE sent a memo to railway at Igatpuri station and he was informed that crew will attend the complaint at Bhusaval station. But to my surprise, nobody came to attend the complaint .

As a result of agony, I filed a complaint in running staff complaint book (Complaint No. 048651), but so far I have not heard the status of my complaint. It would be any one’s guess about inconvenience and agony caused to the passengers of a fully packed compartment journeyed for 36 hours.

Moreover, the passengers were not provided full set of bed rolls; the hand towel and one out of two bed-sheets were missing al-together.

If such was the case with passengers travelling in an AC compartment, one can imagine the plight of the passengers travelling in Sleeper Class and General compartments.

It has often been alleged that since most of the Railway Ministers were from Bihar , they were often biased towards Bihar. But I found otherwise, none of journey performed in train leading to Bihar came without bad memories.

The railway staff of other states are often found insensitive towards passengers travelling in Bihar bound trains. The house-keeping and maintenance are often neglected , coaches are often found rickety and filthy and least care is taken for convenience of passengers during the journey.

The above case has happened in state of Maharashtra, which has proud in its efficient administration and good governance.

The only reason for negligence, I find that the prejudiced attitude towards the people of Bihar.

I do not know till how long Bihari will suffer with step-motherly treatment of Indian Railway.



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