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connaught circus is considered the heart of delhi. however, within two years, approximately 30 to 35 unclaimed dead bodies i have looked around the m block & other nearby places like shivaji bridge, h-block, shankar market and supermarket.

fly buzzing around the mouth of a corpse. eyes of some dead bodies are also open. in general common man is moving around them. they have neither mercy nor compassion in their mind. ”smakia hoga saala” 'whispers often pass in front of the body. how and why he or she died ? nobody bother to look into such matters. all are busy living their lives at the speed of the jet.

the article 38 of the constitution has been discussed on the matter of social welfare. this article clearly states that oppressed class of society, crippled, mentally retarded, scheduled cast, scheduled tribe members should be taken care of for their betterment. 

india is a democratic country and concept of social welfare has been incorporated in the constitution for welfare of disabled and unable people, so that they live their natural life in smooth way. of course, it's only possible if we sincerely uplift the social, economic and political echelon of common man.

india is a democratic country and concept of social welfare has been incorporated in the constitution for welfare of disabled and unable people, so that they live their natural life in smooth way. of course, it's only possible if we sincerely uplift the social, economic and political echelon of common man.

sadly, 64 years after independence, the social service is considered government’s work, whereas in india many ngos are known to be devoted to social welfare. but only a few of them are doing their work from the heart. the rest of them are filling their pockets from the money donated to the pursuit of subjugated people.

education and health sector have now become a means of business. bhopal people's group is one of such institutes. in india, hundreds of private institutes of education and health are considered their services as earning money only.

today the private companies that take pride of community service are doing nothing for social cause. moreover, some companies, for instance tata & birla are surely doing well in this regard. tata institute of social sciences, tata institute of fundamental research, tata memorial centre, and birla institute of technology are committed to social wellbeing.

india is the world's second largest populated country in the world. considering the percentage of poverty, its position is worst. poverty is so high that the government could not yet estimate the number of poor.

tendulkar committee’s report & central government report on the issue of actual number of poor people in india is at variance. even this figure is differing between state government and central government.
basically the health, employment and education are considered as part of social service in india and we may bring balance in society by the help of fetch improvement in theses sectors.

the government is engaged in improving the status of poor people through health plans and education. the government is also trying to create jobs in the course of government sponsored programmes, shg & manrega. to streamline the health and education system in remote areas, primary schools and primary health centers are being opened.

however, the government has not managed to get success in its efforts on account of corruption and red tape, yet we can not dismiss the efforts of government.

private sector in our country has no responsibility to society, while they are being benefited from the government severely. in the name of sezs, industries & development; farmer’s land are being provided to business houses in low prices. 

in this context contravention of environmental parameters are general experiences. because of industrial houses, ganga and yamuna are these days counting their last breath. currently we also compel to breath in the polluted environment.

for keeping the balance between export & import, the government is giving subsidies to private companies. due to new base rate policy, the banks are not able to provide concession in the interest rate to business houses. despite through concession in pricing and processing fee, huge advantage is being transported to corporate. government is also extending tax rebate to the corporate houses. 

interestingly, corporate families are taking advantage from the government, but are hesitant to meet their social responsibilities. the private companies are now resources of scams. except employment, private companies are not giving anything to society. job is being given to so-called middle class. the common man stands still marginalized.

now the government is ready to set right its previous mistakes.  the government has proposed to amend the bill. as per the proposed amendment, the companies will have to spend overall 2 per cent of their 3-years net profit for social welfare.

the industrial houses have protested against this move. they intended to take their own decision on social issues. nevertheless we must remember that private sector has already denied reservation. to be fair, this is the true face of the private sector. they just want to make profits by sucking the blood of the poor.

million & million people deprive from a roof on one side and the other business tycoon ambani lives in the house of billion rupees. why such a big gap between rich and poor in india is ? of course the government should brainstorm on this issue.

attitude of the federation of industrial organization on the draft bill appears to be positive, but experts agreed that the federation is in restraints.
the companies which have net worth of 500 million or more are supposed to spend 3 % of their net profit on the social aspects. at the same time, if any company’s net worth is lower than 500 million that will spend 2% on social affairs.

concept of social welfare is derived from the constitution of india. welfare of people in a poor country like india is essential. the government's current policies intended to augment the gap between poor & prosperous.

liberalization, new economic policy and corruption have put the country on the brink of destruction. rahul gandhi declares himself as friend of farmers and on the other side rahul is silent on the issue of inflation and corruption.
existing land acquisition act for the government has become a way of befools common men. farmers' land has been acquired on a large scale at singur in west bengal, noida, greater noida, nearby yamuna expressway, rae bareli etc.

interestingly, farmers are compensated at greater noida & noida at rs.1087/- & rs889.58/- per square meter consecutively, in the same way rs 370.65 per square meter at hathras, aligarh, tappal and their surrounding areas at rs543/-per square meter. at kushinagar, it was compensated at rs 300/- per square meter, while at rai barelly it was compensated between rs71.66 to to rs107.49 per square meter.

in 2007, sonia gandhi had laid the foundation stone for the coach factory at rai baraily. the month of august, 11 is going to be end; despite the proposed rail coach factory structure has not been erected. it shows that all political parties are not serious about their promise & also no one has anything to do with social welfare. 

ministry of company affairs has welcomed the proposed amendment in bill of 2009; its most distinguishing characteristic is that its reach has brought to both the private and public companies. now it depends upon the government how seriously it complies with the regulation of proposed bill. slogan of social welfare is acceptable, but it should be implemented at ground level.

*satish singh is working as an officer in the state bank of india in delhi & for last two years he is doing freelance writing.

disclaimer: the views expressed in this report are purely those of the author and may not in any circumstances be regarded as the official view of bihartimes.

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