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poverty is always a serious problem for india. recently, the planning commission has released new guidelines to measure poverty. a person, earning rs20/- per day will now be considered as poor in the city & in rural areas, income limit would be rs.15/-per day.
government's new directives are surprising even for economists. for the common men, the government's new formula to measure poverty is shocking. they are even not able to laugh and cry over new developments. in present circumstances, people earning rs.300/- per day are not able to survive, how they will survive in rs.15/- or rs.20/- per day?

the tendulkar committee and the government's poverty statistics are misleading us also. to see the huge number of poor in india, nobody can estimate its precise position. all are groping in the dark. despite this, a representative of the government, economists and politicians often make statements that number of poor in india has reduced drastically. it seems that government doesn’t want to trim down poverty in realty. reducing numbers of poor on paper is way & strategy of government to illustrate india as developed country. government’s whole game is going to put this issue burning for getting votes.

in pranab mukherjee’s parliamentary constituency, jangipur, the public sector banks have opened 22 branches within 2008 to august, 2011. opening of 22 branches in such a small place, where banks are unlikely to meet the business is a great example of flattering and also the reserve bank's role in pushing for financial integration is questionable. in a democratic country like our dual and discriminatory policy is certainly embarrassing.

in such a chaotic environment, how we can eliminate poverty? mnarega may arrange meals, but common man is unable to bring any income on regular basis. the scheme is also unable to make self-employed workers.
however, government sponsored schemes like sjsry; pmegp etc may be beneficial in creating jobs in grass root level, although beneficiary, bank and the state government will have to be honest to their work.

what is the importance of money in life? it does not need to tell anyone. bank's role in society is immense. through proper strategy and judicious approach, bank can rejuvenate the society. bankers may also play pivotal role. they will have to do their job faithfully and honestly. alas, they are not doing their work truthfully.

shri jairam ramesh, has done great job, while he was cabinet minister of the ministry of environment. due to enormous pressure from corporates, shri ramesh was replaced in latest ministry reshuffle & handed over the charge of ministry of rural development. though, shri ramesh has not changed his sincere mind-set.

the kisan credit card (kcc) holders currently have to pay only 5 per cent interest on their limits. shri jairam has lately instructed concerning authorities to explore the possibilities to bring the rate of interest of self help group (shg) accounts at par with kcc accounts.
right now shgs identified by the state government and is being given loans on card rates. although, government pays subsidies to shgs, in case of financial discipline in their loan accounts only.
in such a group, like-minded people work together for their livelihood. in bangladesh, mohammed yunus had brought revolution in generation of self employment by the help of shgs.

as per shri jairam, shg is the greatest weapon through which poverty can definitely be reduced. the basic problem of shg is financial. regarding job knowledge, they are perfect. in andhra pradesh and kerala, shgs have erected a strong wall of self-employment particularly in rural areas. bihar is also doing well in this connection. the most important thing is women's participation in whole exercise. women in andhra pradesh had already achieved great success.
now this is turn of bihari women to write new chapter in the history of self employment.

shri ramesh opines that shgs can access to 40 million poor in the next 10 years. nearly 3 million women are now working with shgs. ramesh has planned to add another 7 million women in the next 10 years. shri ramesh wants to open committed bank branches for shgs in rural areas for carry out his dream. in case of any need, he may consult finance minister shri pranab mukherjee also for necessary action.

need to try out solutions in its place of behave like ostrich. interestingly, ostrich keeps its mouth within sand & thinks all is well. in present circumstances, upa government is also behaving like ostrich. to reduce poverty, genuine efforts are needed instead of doing mockery with poor.


*satish singh is working as an officer in the state bank of india in delhi & for last two years he is doing freelance writing.

disclaimer: the views expressed in this report are purely those of the author and may not in any circumstances be regarded as the official view of bihartimes.

fake reviews on amazon checker

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