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BJP MLA murder case
10 questions Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister Shushil Modi must answer


1. How did you come to know that the woman who stabbed you party’s Purnea MLA Raj Kishore Keshari for repeatedly raping her, was “blackmailing” him and that too within hours the incident took place? Were you in the know of what was all going on between Keshari and Pathak for long?

For your kind information----the Purnea police on record had denied getting any evidence of Pathak being blackmailing the MLA.

2. If the woman was blackmailing your MLA, as you charged, did your MLA ever tried to lodge a police complaint against her? Being a ruling party MLA for four-time the police, as everyone in Bihar, would believe couldn’t have turned him down like they reportedly did Rupam for a long time.

For your kind information----the records, so far, said he did not.

3. You said there might be some political conspiracy or some people behind the woman Rupam Pathak prompting her to commit such a crime?

For your kind information---the Purnea police has denied again that prima facie there was no evidence of any political conspiracy behind this incident.

4. Soon after the incident you also told journalists in Patna that the lady had even filed cases against her father-in-law and others too and has been in the habit of doing so. How did you know that?

For your kind information---the father-in-law Krishna Deo Pathak has categorically denied that she had not filed any case against him, though she is a short-tempered woman who was not living with them, he has said.

5. You told media persons that she had recorded her statement under 164 of Cr PC withdrawing her charges against Keshari in June last year but you chose to forget that after some time she had filed a protest petition in the court saying she had made that statement under “duress and pressure”.

For your kind information----it has come on record and has been carried in almost all the news papers that she had filed a protest petition.

6. Can you deny the fact that your senior in cabinet Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar had reportedly refused to share dais with Keshari when he had gone to Purnea on May 31’ 2010 in course of one of his yatras? When Raj Kishore Keshari was brought down from the dais Nitish Kumar reached up and addressed the meeting.

For your kind information---the report was published in local newspapers at that time.

7. Can you explain being on a constitutional post of a state’s Deputy chief minister your statements just within hours of the incident was not liable to influence the probe and protect the slain MLA’s character?
For your kind information--- News paper reports, noted social worker and Padmashree awardee Sudha Verghese and CPI-ML leader Meena Tiwari have put a question mark on your “hasty conclusive remarks”.

8. Why are you shying away from CBI inquiry demand to unravel the truth from the sensational murder case when some of your party leaders are crying for it?

For your kind information--- your party legislator Rajendra Gupta and alliance party’s leader from Purnea division Mohd Taslimuddin have demanded CBI probe on record.

9. Can you deny the fact that when your party’s Purnea MP Pappu Singh and others had opposed Keshari’s candidature in the recent assembly poll you had intervened and get him the party ticket despite this rape slur on him? And, also can you deny the open secret in your party that Keshari was your political protégé and withstood by you in every intra-party crisis?

For your kind information---it too has come out in newspapers and on record.

10. You said that your party MLA Raj Kishore Keshari was an “upright, honest and popular” but can you deny the fact that he was accused in a number of criminal cases.

For your kind information----its on record and has come out in newspapers, courtesy, ADR and NEW.

We, all the citizens of Bihar, hope and trust that the free, frank and fearless leader like Shushil Kumar Modi who also happens to be the Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister for second time must speak out--- as the Romans whispered: Memento mori !

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As a very concerned Bihari in Aust, I watch/read most things that happen in my place where I have never lived since I left school (should say a great school, SST) for more than 25 years, though I call my extended family every week and visit every year, I am extremely worried about the rising kidnapping and crime especially by high profile people like politician.

I am sure our CM for whom we all have enormous faith and trust will revive and restore our prosperity and glory, seems the only positive hope. Whilst I don’t condone what Mrs Pathak did but it does speak our extreme deficiency in our society needing exceptional courage for someone like Mr. Nitish Kumar to change this. People of Bihar has given him the mandate in the recent elections. Please restore the right and respect for every Bihari Mr. Kumar.

We really want the justice come out of this sacrifice that the society has made and the sufferings that someone like Mrs Pathak and her family has and will go through.

I should request everyone on this forum to pen few words to support the great cause to enable sincere efforts in changing the way Bihar works. Long live the land of Budha, Ashoka,Mahavir, Chankya, Guru Gobind singh and many other Greats.