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bihar: neglected higher education

indra r. sharma



nitish kumar has hardly done anything to contribute to and improve the higher education in the state during the years of his rule. the students’ and teachers’ indiscipline is still a major deterrent for creating an ambience for respectable academic culture to move forward for the excellence in academic performance. the caste wars still remain a dominant factor. the students are satisfied to get the certificates and degrees with fair and fowl means. the teachers instead of taking interest in developing their teaching skills keep themselves busy in institutional politics and even using the students for that.
even the reputed colleges such as patna science college, women’s college, bn college and the engineering and medical colleges have lost its past glory. this week i got ‘india today’ that has ranked all the colleges of arts, science, commerce, engineering, medicines and even law. i couldn’t find even a single institution from the state. i was searching for the nit, patna, chanakya law college and chandragupta management school in the list. unfortunately i could find any. is it not a shame for the state, its government and people-teachers, students and parents? i am sure that nitish can’t build and enhance the image of bihar with just its litti-chokha. i don’t know if nitish as the chief minister has ever addressed any meeting of the principals of the 100 best colleges, heard them, and appealed for improving their standard to the level of the reputed colleges of the country.
today many colleges of arts, science, commerce and law such as lady shri ram college, st. stephen’s (new delhi), st xavier’s (kolkata) or loyola (chennai) are looked upon by the young generation almost as equivalent to iits and iims. mncs and reputed indian companies are visiting their campuses and offering great remuneration packages similar to iits and iims. why can’t the colleges of bihar and all who are responsible of managing these institutes take some lessons from it?
i find a large number of proposals for setting up professional colleges on the website of the state. but hardly few have taken shape. one can understand the reason for the big industry not coming to the state as it is short of power or land acquisition may be problem. but it is difficult to perceive the reasons for the professional educational institutions not getting interested in setting up their shops in bihar, when the students of bihar are going to all parts of the country for getting admissions in the professional institutes and spending at least 50% more.
i wish the chief minister and the present education minister who are quite qualified persons, to appreciate the need to go into the root-causes of the problems and to find effective solutions. perhaps the education sector in bihar with so much of indiscipline must require ruthless actions and surgery. let the political interferences be out and meritocracies prevail in education.
i can only appeal to nitish kumar to bring a revolution in education in bihar everything else will follow. bihar needs many madan mohan malviyas. as i keep on hearing there are many black sheep in the administration causing delays and holdups. let nitish kunar remove all the red tapes in the administration to encourage such people.





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