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in china beyond litti-chokha

indra r. sharma



.it is nice that nitish is visiting china. i have read few reports on his china visit in telegraph. calcutta. he had promoted bihar’s litti-choka for long enough. it’s getting boring now. every state has some cuisine like that. that’s the uniqueness of india. it may satisfy his ego and some sycophants may be keeping him elated. it’s not going to fetch much.

let him have a feel of the rural china as bihar lives in villages.

if china had done something unique to improve the quality of life of its rural population, bihar or other states in india must emulate.

what are the rural industries that have grown in china to improve the local employment? nrega rather mgnrega can’t be an effective solution. rural population must get useful employment through creation of jobs in villages. some business models where some organized business enterprises outsource the work that can be efficiently and profitably done in villages must get evolved.

china has also achieved a great success in power generation through biomass. can bihar emulate some? or for that matter, can gyanesh pandey open a branch in china? with bihar becoming a major consumer, can bihar be an attractive place for manufacturing of those consumable items or the machinery used in setting up those factories? many years ago, some entrepreneurs from bihar set up manufacturing plants for the equipment and machinery used in farming. why can’t bihar be a manufacturing state of the unique agricultural equipment and accessories?

bihar’s farmers still lag behind in yield per unit of land. china has achieved much higher agriculture productivity. nitish team must look into possibilities of collaborating with chinese for improving the yield.

there are many other areas that may help increasing the gdp of the state and provide employment to its people. one such thing may be to have a huge skill training centre for manufacturing techniques with help of the chinese. the chinese have mastered and improved some technologies. the leather sector may be another attraction for bihar.

mature nitish and his team mustn’t get mesmerized by chinese achievements and focus on the chinese achievements that help the state become developed in real sense beyond spreading the attraction of litti-chokha.

i wish some reputed journalists from the state would have accompanied nitish team to cover its visit in details on day to day basis. however, nitish team must on return present a detail report of his china visit and the lessons from the visit for the benefits of the state. that’s the way it happens in corporate with good work culture.


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