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who isn’t corrupt?


seraj akram



that doctor who squeezes money out of his patients by ordering unnecessary check ups, don’t attend properly in hospitals but take extra care of their patients in private clinics: aren’t they corrupt?
- people who bring down standards of good work by preferring incompetent people over competent ones in the name of reservation: aren’t they corrupt?
- the businessman who well chinese products with japanese labels, cheap products by calling them high-quality goods and muddle up good products with bad ones: isn’t he corrupt?
- the cabdriver, auto rickshaw driver and porter that take excessive fares : aren’t they corrupt?
- that school teacher who doesn’t concentrate in class when teaching at school but is fully focused while giving private tuitions: isn’t he corrupt?
- that factory owner and businessman who aims for optimum benefits but only allows enough wages for his employees so that their lives are hanging by a thread to their bodies: isn’t he corrupt?
- isn’t that worker who doesn’t perform his duties responsibly corrupt?
- isn’t the student who spends his parents’ money on studies but doesn’t pay full attention to his studies also a fraud?
- people who intimidate others to gain contracts, jobs and admissions: don’t they grab what’s rightfully somebody else’s?
- the manager who selects his relative, somebody belonging to his nation or area despite his worthlessness over somebody capable: isn’t he corrupt?
- those people who, instead of buying software worth of lacks, copy it without buying or use blacked copies that cost less: aren’t they also corrupt?
- aren’t those who use a binding contract as sacred as marriage as a way of trading crooked?
- people who do not take out the exact measure of charity that is asked of them, and only for namesake give a little bit to the needy leaving them in their misery while spending that same money recklessly for their amusement: are they not corrupt?
- the public who mourns and wails the corruption of its leaders, but when its time for the people who want to help the general public to get elected, they accept a little bit of money or in the name of friendship, relations, personal link and nation help the wrong kind of people in succeeding to posts: is it not corrupt?
- that journalist who opens fire on people who can’t provide him any advantages but remains silent against those who bestow favors upon him: isn’t he corrupt?
- buyers of religion that complicate faith, provoke differences and create distance and make mountains of mole hills: aren’t they corrupt?
- that beggar, who flashes a minor handicap to ask for alms and after years of heavy earning, is still insistent on begging: isn’t he corrupt too?
- middle class who uses fake sorrow on every issue and trade sympathies to gain fandom but never accomplish anything for real to improve themselves: aren’t they corrupt?
- people who envy other’s capabilities, wealth and good looks and spread false rumors around the: aren’t they sleazy?
- the group that gathers money in the name of various institutions but does not spend it with honesty on those in need of it: isn’t that group?
- the public which shows no regard for its imam/guide and state laws: isn’t it corrupt?
- the person, who skips ahead in queues, exceeds the speed limit causing accidents, bugs his neighbor by listening to loud music, and tries to impress society with unnecessary displays of wealth: isn’t he corrupt?





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