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I am an EX IITian, currently settled in US and no way connected with coaching industry and never had such coaching.

Congrats to all those who succeeded today and their so called teachers.

But one needs to ask who r these 30 of SUPER 30. As far as I know these 30 are selected out of say 10000 students so in any case they were relatively better students in their respective categories.

That’s the second catch. One needs to ask their All India Rank in open cat.

Many of these students might have in any case got selected even if they had not been blessed by Mr. Kumar. If these students had taken admission in any Tom Dick Harry coaching inst. At least 24 if not all would have got selected because they were selected out of a rigorous exam and many might be belonging to reserve cat.

Now coming to free boarding, lodging. Any coaching inst. Of repute provides full scholarship to meritorious students because they know that once they are selected, it will increase market value of their business. Mr. Anand perhaps has a coaching inst. Where he teaches some 2000 (I may be wrong) for a fee and he finances these 30 students out of a meager share of the fees of other students. One needs to ask how many of his students of regular classes were selected.

In any coaching inst. like Resonance, Bansal if you look at the set of best 50 students perhaps all would have been selected and most probably all of them would be on free scholarship because they must be meritorious students to begin with. So what is the difference between Anand and other coaching inst.

One should also ask whether these students were exclusively taught by him only or they had taken help of some other institutes. At least in one of the previous years I knew that the SUPER 30 students were given free coaching, boarding for 9 months. But IIT coaching is a 2 year affair. It had transpired that most of the students were already students of some other  coaching inst. sat for Super 30 , got selected and then came along for free lunch.  Who would object if u r being given free coaching along with food?

How many of these Super 30 were appearing for second attempt.

Last but not the least, Mr. Anand just teaches Maths . But IIT requires Phi and Chem. also. So who r those noble souls who are doing this without basking in an iota of public glory being hogged by Mr. An and. They deserve 2/3rd of the credit.

Sorry if I sound too biased and critical. I don’t hold any brief for any coaching inst. and not in any way connected with any of them.

But I get irritated the moment I see Mr. Kumar crying about his college days that he was a brilliant mathematician and he got Call from Cambridge but could not go because of poverty of his parents. For god’s sake don’t show poverty of your mind by crying about poverty of your parents.



DEAR sh. Pradeep jee
Thanks for ur valuable comments.

First of all I am no way connected to I desire. There is nothing wrong with job of Post office clerk . I think that there r many who don’t have the luxury of being born to a government servant father.

Imagine a hypothetical situation. Suppose you are asked to quantify the monetary value of all the media hype , publicity mr. anand has gathered for past few years. Suppose u go to a pr agency and tell that I want this much publicity and good coverage in leading media dailies. What do u think how much that agency will charge , a lot of money.
Mr. anand has effectively used these 30 students as his publicity vehicle.
How many students from his RSM has qualified for jee.
It is widely believed that he diverts his best students from RSM to super 30. U may say then why not other inst. r doing this. They r doing this but nobody has managed the media so well and mr. anand has the early bird advantage.

A Worse case is also possible, every student and his teacher knows after the exam how he has performed in jee exam and mr. anand after evaluating the performance of these students says that okay for this year these are my 30 students . this year mr .anand gave the list 3 days before result when he knew very well the relative performance of each of his students . to avoid this possibility, I ask mr. anand through u that he should declare the names of Super 30 students who will beappearing next year jee right now.

About free coaching to needy students you give me the names of such students, if they qualify in paper send by me , I will arrange for their free coaching, boarding and lodging anywhere in India. If a coaching inst. does not come forward I will send u that much amount of money.
Thanks and waiting for ur comments



Well, we all know that Anand Kumar is not a God and he can not make a dumb student selected for IIT. But he is extending his hands to support the poors at very best. He might be earning millions from his coaching but atleast he has courage to spend something for the upliftment of poors and that also on continuous basis. Thats what makes him different from you and me. Bihar has produced many talented NRIs who earn handsome salaries like you and me but tell me how many of us has even sponsored even a primary school student who dont have access to education. Well, it is easy to comment on any one Anand Kumar is a human being he will definitely have some shortcomings on personal or professional level but his one continuos act has made him God for many. Do we have courage to do anything like him. Let us go down from our comforted air conditioned offices, homes and cars and do something for the upliftment of our community in Bihar, can we ?
I dont know which religion you follow but every religion teaches to take care of poors around you. When you will die God will ask you why you have not spent your money on unprevileged people around you.

Arman A. Khan


In 2007, I had opportunity to visit Mr. Anand Kumar's institution. I had opportunity to speak to more than 200 students who were at the institution to learn and get the prepration training and education to compete for better tomorrow for them. In their eyes I saw the eagerness to learn, I saw their eagerness to listen and grasp every word which comes out of Anand's mouth.

I felt that this is one of the greatest temple of learning and the saint of this temple is Anand Kumar.

I had opportunity to meet the parents, a rickshaw puller, a poor villager, a poor worker in the streets of Patna whose children achieved their dream at "Super 30". It is such students who are extremely capable but do not have any mentor or guide to hold their hands and show them the path to achieve their dreams. This is what Mr. Anand Kumar does, he makes the dream of those poor parents and students come true.

With each Bihari student getting admission to IIT, the dream of developed Bihar becomes more and more real. I hope there is teaching saint like Anand Kumar in every city and town of Bihar and every city has a temple of education like "Super 30".

It is the people like Anand kumar, Kaushlendra,, Irfan Alam, Nawal Kumar and Shivendu Madhav the new wave of youngsters of Bihar who are the key factors for developing Bihar.

I am so delighted to see that many people are trying to emulate Mr. Anad Kumar.

Ramesh Yadav
Fremont, California



First of all you are not aware of ground realities. May be because you were never part of any coaching. I myself is an Ex-IITian, and I know how tuition can be helpful. Again I was not part of any coaching institute, but just tuition at my local town with good teachers. Trust me you don’t need 2 yrs to study. My prep was nearly 8 months. All you need is focus and correct guidance. Most of the times these coaching institutes are able to give you guidance and routine, but focus is something individuals have to bring.

Most of the time poor kids don’t will not be able to get the proper guidance, and that’s what Mr. Anand is providing. Let me ask you, being in US how are you contributing to any good cause in India?. I salute Mr. Anand that he is able do something which not many of his level will do. Being a mathematician, he too would have come to US and earned a good livelihood in software/finance/insurance etc. where there is a great demand of good mathematician. And if he is getting some praise for the initiative he took, I don’t have any complaints about that, of course it would be nice if he can mention his fellow teachers if any, but I am not sure if they are teaching for free?

We need more people like him. Some of things which we need today in Indian society are the good people who have integrity and values and willingness to serve others. Something I have seen diminishing over the years in India.

-Avinash, USA



Comments of Rahul are bases on insufficiant information .He is hypothetical and far away from ground realities. He should not make such comments without verifying facts.



You are absolutely right that you are no way connected with coaching industry and you never had such coaching. Had you known even an iota about coaching business and coaching industry in Patna, you would not be discrediting the contribution Anand Kumar.

In case you did not know, his father was a post office clerk in Bihar. How may people rising from the socio-economic status of Anand Kumar end up teaching (along with providing accommodation and food) 30 kids for nine months without any fee?

He has always claimed that he runs Super 30 from the earnings/profits of the Ramanujam School of Mathematics (RSM). At Super 30, his mother, Jayanti Devi, cooks for the students, and his brother Pranav Kumar takes care of the management. In year 2005, the highest ranked daily of your country, The New York Times, reported the contribution, importance and relevance of Anand Kumar while examining the challenges and aspirations of young people in countries around the world ( You can find articles on him in BBC News ( and The Sunday Tribune ( as well.

I agree that he earns a fortune from RSM and then spends a fraction of it on Super 30, but you will admit that there are dozens of billionaires and hundreds of millionaires in India and none of them do the same. This year the successful candidates include the wards of a roadside vendor, mobile mechanic, private marginal farmer, a truck driver and a class four government employee. Without Anand Kumar, none of them would have made it to IIT. Bihar is famous for house grabbing, land grabbing, electricity theft, jewelry snatching, armed robbery, theft, kidnapping, poor law and order, pathetic roads, no industry, high unemployment, and a thousand more I-suck-the-blood-out-of-your-life stories, it heartening to know Anand Kumar is giving something back to the society.

How did you know that "IIT coaching is a 2 year affair"? Just because you knew somebody who had two years of rigorous preparation for JEE, you should not generalize the statement.

I am dismissing you as person ignorant of ground realities. So, next time you are in Patna, I invite you to visit at least a dozen coaching institutes in the city. Present yourself as a hypothetical poor and illiterate person with a meritorious ward with scores of 96% in matriculation, and 95% in intermediate (with 99% in PCM). If even one coaching institute accepts your hypothetical ward without a tuition fee (forget about lodging and food costs, too, that Anand Kumar bears), I will accept defeat.

Last, but not the least, are you in any way related with I-DESIRE? If that is the case, it will explain your mentality and hostility towards Anand Kumar.