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P & M Mall : Humiliation against muslim women


9th october, 2011, 4.30 p.m

Today me and my mother were humiliated and were not allowed to enter the P&M mall just because we refused to open the hijab/ veil.
this is not just the first time this has happened every now and then muslim women are being humiliated at the mall entrance and are forced to open the hijab otherwise they are being are banned to enter the mall. the security are harrasing the women every now and then to open up the veil and also humiliating us they say we are making the issue by not opening the veil ; if practicing a culture or rituals make a issue????. this type of activity has never being faced by us in the entire country and nowhere we were asked to open up the veil but this has happened here and when refused to open we were humiliated and were banned to enter.
yes if this this is the case as we cannot enter the mall with a veil or hijab they should put up the notice as MUSLIMS ARE NOT ALLOWED.20% - 30% of the crowd are muslim the mall authority are being communal against the muslim, & are hurting the muslim sentiments by forcing up the muslim women to remove the hijab then only they would be allowed to enter the mall. this is not just my case this is a common issue faced by the muslim women .
i have even put up the complaint to the P&M infrastructure head office mumbai & regional office patna. and even to the chief minister janta darbar regarding this issue.

erum fatma.

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Dear Erum Fatma, 

First of all as per the traditions of Islam, Bazaar is the worst place to be in.There is something you as a muslim need to understand.You are living in a place where there is no safety to the citizens owing to corruption and greed among the administrators.secondly, You are not the kind of guest they expect to be visiting their premises.Such places are built to serve companies who sell their products by showing naked girls as their models.If you are such a strong proponent of Islamic values, what are you doing in a mall owned and designed by those who do not believe in your values or respect your feelings. Ask your men to bring things of your interest to you at home.And keep this to your mind that you are paying the price of the cowardice and apostasy of your forefathers. Losers are not choosers.You are not the fatma whose letter will invoke an army of the caliph to conquer the land and offer you the life of dignity and honor.Mothers have stopped producing sons like Khalid, Omer, Salahuddin and Tipu these days, instead you have men like shahrukh , salman, and amir who can dance with semi-nude girls and entertain you. So here is your choice. Surrender to the will of the authorities or have men on your side who can defend your honor.Decide !

Arshad Mohsin

I think you are making an issue out of nothing... i guess the security is least interested in seeing your beauty but to do his/her job. Being a responsible citizen of the country you should understand their concern. Had you been reading the papers, you would be knowing about incidents where terrorists have used Hijab as a shield against security. And there is no question of he(male) here, for the security person asking you to do that must be a female (since you are a female). If not then you have a legitimate complain. Please don't give this  a religious touch and try to unneccesarily sensationalise it. Act responsible, act mature if you are one

Rakesh Singh


Fatima Sahiba,
Why you pleople don't understand a common problem faced by security establishment around the globe now a days? If you will not show your face, or you will refuse to go through normal security check then how security will be maintained? Any criminal/ mischevious person, irrespective of religion, can put up a veil and enter in the mall and can do anything and again get out in garb of veil. If that criminal happens to do something to you then again you will make noise. So instead of complaining you should suggest a way to streamline this situation. Don't say that in Saudi Arabia muslim women can go through security check without opening veil. Over there if a criminal will be caught then his hands will be chopped off. This is not possible in India or outside any muslim country.