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CUB Tamasha

Bibhuti Bikramaditya


I saw news of fresh proposal today regarding establishment of Central University of Bihar; Now Kapil Sibal wants to establish CUB at Gaya and extenstion center at Motihari.  This is really disgusting ; They are just making proposals to justify and satisfy their ego. In turn, situation is worsening day by day. Students are not getting proper education, infrastructure and educational environment; They are the main sufferer and culprit of lingering attitude, supremacy and egotist behavior.

       In my view, state govt. should stop this exercise of making pressure on central govt, to establish university in Bihar  at Motihari even though we understand that demand of University at Motihari is genuine. Let Central govt. establish Central university wherever they want in Bihar. Let education be started with this university; 

After getting this university establish, I would urge state govt. either demand for new central university at Motihari or establish Mahatma Gandhi International University at Motihari on its own cost. The govt. should take help from various quarter  and stake holders.

This is the best option at present in my view.

I would request you to please raise this issue thru your newspaper for the interested of student and educational environment in the state.  
Bibhuti Bikramaditya 
Chairman,BiharBrains(BBrains Development Society)

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