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some questions for nitish kumar

indra r sharma

have the people of bihar given nitish kumar the mandate to decide if a chief minister of another state of india is ‘secular’ and to permit his spokesman to call the same person ‘fanatic’?

fortunately, gujarat doesn’t have some bal/ udhav/raj thakre who can make this an issue against all the migrants from bihar working in gujarat and the people of gujarat are not as fanatic.

doesn’t nitish kumar believe that the government at centre is corrupt and is the cause for major of the ills of economy today? does nitish agree with his irresponsible spokesman that the reason of high inflation is the globalization of economy? as engineer chief minister nitish must tell the people of bihar.

is times group any way influencing nitish kumar or alternatively is nitish kumar assisting the media group as his sole agent instead of expressing his viws in a press conference?

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