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convenient conscience of sushashan babu


this sudden secular-uwaach of ex-laloo loyalist tiwariji from the dais of nitish kumar is very intriguing. to be fair to tiwariji he has not changed his secular-music exactly same language he had even while sitting beside lalooji. difference in those days was that nitish used to counter it and rightly so. fact is nitish babu was railway minister when that unfortunate incident of 2002 happened. he even gave shri narendra modi certificate of secularism and denigrated all his critics outside nda. i am quoting here nitish's exact words after the resounding victory of bjp in 2002 gujarat election:gujarat victory a verdict against cong: bjp allies

check fake reviews amazon" new delhi: congratulating the bjp, its allies at the centre on sunday refuted suggestions of any "polarisation" of votes in gujarat but said it was a verdict against the congress."the people of gujarat were aggrieved with the kind of image painted outside the state and hence reacted in this way," senior samata party leader and railway minister nitish kumar said.claiming that there was no polarisation of votes between hindus and muslims, he said, "people are secular and they do not like any fundamentalists".

"not only this nitish babu sought narendra modi's help in election campaign in 2005 in bihar and he got him in the ground campaigning for nda. media since then has showered laurels on nitish for bettering the laloo era governance which he certainly did. many started talking pm nitish. in all probability nitish too started believing that it can be possible. but he knows he will never be pm under nda umbrella. hence this rocking the boat on "convenient meaningless secularism" ground has started. fact is indian constitution doesn’t allow any non-secular to even fight election so get off your high horse sir people who you have been happily hobnobbing with do not become communal for events that happened before you had no issues with their proximity. none is buying this drama.

now little straight talk on what lies ahead if nitish babu does break off ties. fact is bjp's vote 100% get transferred to jd(u) while jd(u) vote doesn’t get transferred to bjp completely. once again thanks to sick politics on the altar of secularism/appeasement. so bjp too will get hit in case of no alliance but jd(u) will take bigger hit. even during last election there was murmur of nitish going alone but he found in internal survey he will not get more than 45 seats. so nitish babu open your eyes old rjd stalwart are putting spanner in your path you will be virtually inviting laloo back to power if you go your separate ways. for migratory birds like tiwariji it doesn't matter he will easily change his master and will return to rjd camp.

you will be the loser.as you can justify rss men like girirraj singh in your cabinet saying we follow common minimum program similarly you must extend the courtesy to nda because they too run on common minimum program.tailpiece: speculation is that shri n k singh wants to be finance minister hence this urgency on your part over pm candidate. all i can say is "vinash kale viprit buddhi".

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