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For the last nine years, the has just been a click away for all its friends, fans and all those who have been browsing it religiously across the web world. Criss-crossing several ups and downs and traversing through difficult terrains during the period, the site kept on its unstinted catering to them. Initially the venture sustained on small help from UNICEF and our personal contributions. Hoping against hope the portal strived to meet the monstrously increasing burden of expenses and it is determined to go on with the venture in future also. Hope, however, belied in between and now this only electronic newspaper from a place called Bihar is on the verge of shut down.

In this moment of crisis and upsetting circumstances, looks at its supportive forces as a pis aller. Pleading to ponder over the utility of this paper and striving for resources for its survival, the site requests its unflinching friends, especially the Non-Resident Biharis [NRB] and regular readers for a small gesture of contribution of $ 25 annually or $ 200 for life membership for its running show.

Resident Indians may contribute Rs.500 per annum or Rs.4000 for life membership. Your small gesture of concern will mean a lot for us.

All contributions would be transparent with the name and address of the contributor floated on the site. One can also become FOUNDER SUBSCRIBER of the site with a little bit extra care and concern. The site would try its best to oblige ideas and suggestions from all the contributors. The FS members would be getting extra benefit with the site progressing ahead i.e. their comments and articles would be accommodated, their need of any information regarding the state and the relevant subject would be looked upon with utmost care and concern. All future publication will be sent to them free of cost. They will be invited for all important decision making meetings. All members will have free access to ever growing "Friends of Bihar" section. Their names along with address will be displayed on the site.

Subscribers may make online payments in Bihar Times account.

Account No. 625905035969 , ICICI Bank, Patna

Cheque/ draft should be in the name of Bihar Times and for online payment please log in to money2india section of ICICI BANK
If you want to send it through post send it to:
Bihar Times
4 B Nehru Nagar,
Patliputra Colony,
Patna: 800 013


Subscription charges

For non-resident Indians
Annual subscription: $25.00
Life membership: $200.00
Founder member: $500.00

For Resident Indians
Annual membership: Rs.500.00
Life membership :Rs.4,000.00
Founder membership: Rs. 10,000.00

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