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Once again Assembly election in Bihar is round the corner and all sorts of political tamashas are on to woo electorates of every segment of the society.
Of course in a democracy, political parties have every right to seek voters' mandate for fulfilling their political as well as developmental agenda. But contrary to the set rules of the game, time and again elections in Bihar were fought on caste and communal slogans and development agenda always became casualty. The election in the state was hardly ever fought on the real concerns of the common people and consequently most of the political parties hardly have any roadmap and vision for the development of the state. Politics without vision will certainly generate a crisis of governance.

For the first time we are exhorting the intelligentsia as well as common people to come out with their own agenda for the development of Bihar. Your opinions and concern will definitely make our politicians accountable to the people's issues. This could be a beginning of the constructive dialogue between civil society and political class. Hopefully, our enlightened readers will participate in this exercise by sending their valuable inputs and some concrete suggestions for the development of the state. In this way all of you can have your forceful say in the coming assembly elections.

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