Tributes to a distinguished scientist and an outstanding nuclear engineer

New Year Resolution to end Corruption

Tweedle-dum, -dee, -daa: The political slugfest

Digital infidelity leading to rise in marital discord? 

Nitish, Arvind and Mamta

Be compassionate to animals this Diwali

My angst for Nitish Kumar

Rs.0 spent by 55 percent Lok Sabha MPs on constituencies

Earthquakes and their impact: Building codes must be strictly followed

'Rahul's resurgence signals willingness to take on mantle'

Who's afraid of Rahul Gandhi?

Indian farmers face harder life ahead: Studies

Net neutrality: Wrong medicine will not remedy digital divide

Muslim women must press for their rights

Janata Parivar: A group of opportunist provincials


Rashtriya Janata Dal (United): Is a new party coming up in Bihar?

Yadav politics at the crossroads after Lalu’s repeated failures


Should reservations continue for ever?

Is Supreme Court losing its moral authority? Lawyers wonder

Who will protect the honest bureaucrat?

In Bihar, Parties Woo to Win Suitable Match

The Grand Comeback of Bihar's Political Gadfly

It was an election which BJP could not lose

Election 2014 and my Constituencies

Lack of 40 winks: An epidemic that can prove fatal

Airborne WiFi virus new threat to virtual world

The rise of extremist Buddhism in Sri Lanka

How to make our parliament more accountable 

2014: For Confused Electorate

Unemployment Problem Getting Worse

Diabetes can be controlled in over 80 percent Indian patients

Heart attacks more common in winter

Muslim women must press for their rights

Kashmir challenge: Modi could write history or blot it

'Dirty politics' in AAP ?

Ban on "India's Daughter": Don't shoot the messenger

Judicial probe ordered into Dimapur lynching; DC, SP suspended

Variety of Thandai flavours add 'colour' to Holi celebrations

Sayeed Kashmir CM again, BJP shares power on peace agenda

Bhushan expresses differences with Kejriwal

Modi seeks ideas for PMO mobile app

BJP-PDP to form Kashmir government, Mufti to be CM March 1

Modi accepts Finance Commission's record hike in states' share

Heat over land bill as opposition, Kejriwal slam 'anti-farmer' bill

Modi's 'I, me, myself' style may have hurt BJP

Is Congress in a free fall?

Kejriwal's soft exterior hides a man of steel

BJP's Delhi debacle a personal defeat for Modi?

Is BJP nervous about Delhi polls?

Padma awards are losing their sheen

A great year for BJP, nightmare for Congress

Reforms, inflation cheer but growth and deficits cause worry

Male groups seek review of marriage law bill

Janata Parivar: A group of opportunist provincials

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: A giant in Indian politics

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: A proud Hindu who exemplified Indian ethos

Can Modi really take on the Hindu hawks?

The play that inspired Bollywood, revived Indian drama

Peshawar school song: Where have all the flowers gone?

Distancing the Dalai Lama: Is Vatican playing into Beijing's hands?

Dilip Kumar grieves for Peshawar

Finding Bollywood stars' roots in Peshawar

Satyarthi, Malala dedicate Nobel Peace Prizes to the voiceless

28% increase in Indian students migrating to US

After Delhi ban, Uber slapped with cheating case; driver a serial offender

Rape victim screamed for 30 minutes, but no police came

Anand model: Community approach will work best for Swachh Bharat campaign

Watershed conservation can reduce pollution in India: Study

Who wins if democracy loses in Kashmir?

Reviving Janata Parivar, target BJP

For PM Modi, English switchover came naturally

Will saffron warriors trip up Modi?

'New education policy should address modern challenges for students'

Has Modi changed caste politics or can caste pyramid return?

When Modi quaffed a drink to India-Fiji friendship

Varanasi, India's oldest city, desperately needs a makeover

Reforming India's higher defence management: Will Modi bite the bullet? 

Modi's defence of Muslims - a little too late?

Why BJP lost? No anti Gandhi anger to harvest

Nehru to Modi: The riverfront diplomacy

Planning for 'The Future Commission'

Modi's 100 days: Has the 'acche din' hype boomeranged?

Now BJP regrets raking up 'Love Jihad'

Don't copy us, Mao had told Indian Maoists

Thanks to low sex ratio, 600-year-old tradition done away with

In Modi era, little place for BJP seniors

Modi sends Advani, BJP old guard into exile


Is mobile wallet a distant dream in India?

Congress in crisis: Leadership challenged

Lack of blood screening causing Hepatitis C

Armed forces' doctors: Bond for early quitting raised

Zohra Sehgal: An unmatched, unstoppable spirit

Amit Shah as BJP chief: Modi sidestepping RSS?

Building cities with no souls

Bihar Muslim electorate voted more “tactfully” than UP

Rashtriya Janata Dal (United): Is a new party coming up in Bihar?

Yadav politics at the crossroads after Lalu’s repeated failures

Munde: BJP's man in Maharashtra who built bridges with others


Nitish First to Face Modi Heat?


Will there be a surprise end to Modi’s tale?

Will Nehru-Gandhi dynasty reboot or fade out?

Modi: Worrying signs of a one-man show

Modi wave or media hype ? Media must not lose credibility

Will Modi be tripped by Hindu extremists? 

History's been unkind to man of most budgets

Will Modi make it as the first low caste PM?

Outwitted by Congress, Nitish Now Plays Martyr

Why N K Singh has been dumped?

From Editor to Rajya Sabha MP of JD(U): Promotion or demotion?

George Fernandes’ fate awaits Sharad Yadav?

Should reservations continue for ever?

Is Supreme Court losing its moral authority? Lawyers wonder

Structural reforms can unleash India's true potential

Kejriwal has to bridge gap between idealism and reality

Who will protect the honest bureaucrat?

Congress needs a charismatic figure - and a Big Idea 

In Bihar, Parties Woo to Win Suitable Match

How AAP upsets the Modi versus Rahul format

Saeed Naqvi

The Grand Comeback of Bihar's Political Gadfly

The buck stops nowhere in Chapra

Stop Disastrous Governance Failure Forthwith

Prateek K Anand

Bihar at the Confluence of International Economic Corridors Prateek K Anand

Special State Status: Mere Misinterpretation or Blatant Misrepresentation

Prateek K Anand

ADKIC- A Welcome Announcement

Prateek K Anand

Agricorps :A Contemporary Approach in Agriculture Management

Prateek K Anand

Lalu trying to re-invent himself through Parivartan Rally

Governance and Development are not the same thing

World Bank and NOW ADB: Can Bihar Reap the Benefits?

Prateek K Anand

Bursting of Eastern Bubble

Shaibal Gupta

Objectives of Students’ Unions/ Movements

Book Review

Love in a Wooden Box

Caste Conflict and Social Justice; the discourse and design

Re-branding Bihar

Shahryar’s strong bond with literature lovers of Bihar

(Prof Mohammad Sajjad of AMU remembers famous lyricist after his death)

Global Summit pix...


In Bihar how a BJP leader assaults a senior journalist and simply gets away with it ! view comments...






Social Audit

A major player in Global Bihar Meet 2007 charged with financial impropriety Patna,(BiharTimes): A case of financial impropriety in claiming reimbursement of expenditure incurred on organising the Global Meet For A Resurgent Bihar (January 19-21, 2007) has come to light. According to sources the Government sanctioned Rs 20 lakhs to the organizing committee subject to verification or scrutiny of account. view comments{8]...

The lordly treatment of VIPs for Global Bihar meet view comments(2)....











Iyengar: a doyen among scientists
Dr. K S Parthasarathy

Abla Jeevan Hai Teree Yahee kahanee…
Cuckoo Choudhary






BT special

Bihar Needs Eastern Economic Corridor


AMU , plays into nitish's hands

Master of the game

Changing Face of Agriculture in Bihar

Book Review

The Reverse Journey

Corruption in the Era of Corporate Governance

The Spectacle of Anna Unlimited

Bihar Times has decided to post real case  study of hardships and challenges faced by entrepreneurs and common citizens of Bihar. You may send your story to us...

Anna act will put politicians under public scrutiny

Pakistani cinema finally taking shape: Actress Humaima Malick

Jan Lokpal Bill versus Govt. Lokpal Bill

Chewing tobacco joins 'banned foods' as oral cancer cases rise

Lokpal- An issue of Morality

Mass Movement for Corruption in India

How the world sees Historian Sharma

Awake, Arise or be Forever Fallen

(BT Exclusive) Rural Bihar witnesses highest inflation rate in India .view comments(5)...

(BT Exclusive) Have heard of Chief Secretary rectifying his mistakes after submitting report to CM? view comments(4)..

Pleasing the piper view comments..

Rising Crime in Bihar : Petty Criminals and Lower Police are Perhaps the Real Problem


( BT Exclusive ) Thanks to Bihar govt, Urdu dailies circulation rising only on paper view comments(7)..

When Ganga meets Hoogly view comments(4)...

Educational Concerns of the Muzaffarpur Muslims

Educational Initiatives of the Jamshedpur Muslims

Forbesganj Killings and Anti Pasmanda Rhetorics view comments...

Baba’s Lila and Delhi Police

Muslim Pride at all Costs Crime, Politics, Religion in a North Bihar Village

Don't Ignore the 'Obviouses' in Planning Process view comments(2)...

( BT Exclusive ) Rs 28.47 crore spent on Govt. advt in Bihar last year  view comments(21)...


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