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march 2013

jd-u likely to ask bjp to name pm candidate new delhi, april 11 :the janata dal-united (jd-u) is expected to press for an early projection of the national democratic alliance's prime ministerial candidate, with a party mp stating thursday that it had laid down "principles" in the matter.  

now bjp on offensive, tightening noose around jd(u)’s neck
patna,(bihartimes): even as janata dal (united)’s national executive is to meet in new delhi on april 13-14 to decide, among other things, the future course of action and its relationship with the national democratic alliance, its biggest constituent, bharatiya janata party (bjp), is now gradually tightening the noose around the neck of alliance partner in bihar.

bihar deputy cm misquotes sc ruling on asbestos: activists 
patna,(bihartimes): bihar’s deputy chief minister, sushil kumar modi, who is also the forest and environment minister of the state, has been accused by environmentalists of misleading the state assembly on the health hazards of asbestos.

sc seeks detail of state panels for police reforms new delhi, april 11 (ians) the supreme court thursday asked the states and union territories to give details of steps taken for setting up state security commissions in pursuance to its earlier direction for police reforms.

jd-u has principles to guide its choice of pm, says mp

new delhi, april 11: amid speculation over who would be the the national democratic alliance's prime ministerial candidate, the janata dal-united, one of the constituents of the nda, has said it has laid down "principles" in the matter.

prabhunath meets shahabuddin in jail

patna,(bihartimes): former maharajganj mp prabhunath singh on wednesday met incarcerated ex-rjd member of parliament, mohammad shahabuddin, in siwan jail. the talks lasted for over 90 minutes.

poor attendance, quality of teaching in bihar: aser 
patna,(bihartimes): notwithstanding huge amount of investment on education bihar is doing badly so far attendance of teachers and students in schools are concerned. not only that even the knowledge of math and english of these students is very poor. 

bihar set to use nuclear energy in agriculture patna, april 10 :  after encouraging farmers to adopt organic farming, the bihar government is now exploring how farmers might benefit from nuclear technology, officials said wednesday.

bihar's conjoined twins happy over apex court ruling

patna, april 10 :  seventeen-year-old conjoined twins saba and farah welcomed the supreme court ruling wednesday that did away with the option of a surgery to separate them and directed the state government to grant the family rs.5,000 per month.

another administrative overhaul in bihar, 211 officers shiftedpatna,(bihartimes): in another major overhaul the nitish government on tuesday shifted 211 officials. this includes 80 sdos, 28 ddcs and 71 deputy collectors in all 211 shifted. 

no single model of development in country, sushil to narendra modi
patna,(bihartimes): bihar deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi, who appears to be distancing himself from his chief minister nitish kumar, on tuesday said there can not be a single model in the country which suits all. every state has its own growth model and one can take lessons from the successful ones but no single model can fit the bill for all the states.

modi posing himself as pm even before bjp declares its candidate: jd(u)
patna,(bihartimes): bjp’s lone secular ally in nda, janata dal (united), on tuesday questioned the way the gujarat chief minister, narendra modi, is posing himself as the prime ministerial candidate even when the bjp had already announced that the final decision in this regard would be made by the party’s parliamentary board.

now sushil modi inching towards narendra modi, distancing himself from nitish patna,(bihartimes): when a counter demand is gaining ground within bjp and some other constituents of nda to project lal krishna advani as the prime ministerial candidate bihar deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi has given enough signal that his party is prepared for janata dal (united) to carry out the threat of walking out of the alliance if narendra modi is projected as the prime ministerial candidate.

nitish rubs advani salt into modi’s wounded pm ambition patna,(bihartimes): coming close on the heels of the statements of delhi bjp chief, vijay goel, and patna saheb mp, shatrughan sinha, bihar chief minister nitish kumar on monday further complicated the bitter struggle within the bjp by stating that lal krishna advani is a respectable leader of the national democratic alliance.

bihar to get rs 12,000 crore during 12th plan

patna,(bihartimes): bihar is expected to get rs 12,000 crore during the 12th five-year plan (2012-17) as special support from the centre. this is more than double than what the state got––around rs 5,500––during the 11th five-year plan (2007-12).

2-3 year target to improve education quality: bihar minister patna, april 8 (ians) bihar has set a target of two to three years to improve the quality of school education in the state, education minister p.k. shahi said monday.

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patna, april 7 (ians) yoga guru baba ramdev sunday offered to help resolve the differences between chief ministers nitish kumar of bihar and narendra modi of gujarat.

man kills child as mother foils rape bid patna, april 7 (ians) a man was arrested sunday for beating a year-old to death after attempting to rape the child's mother in bihar, police sunday said.

1.4 million candidates appear for jee exam new delhi, april 7 (ians) an estimated 1.4 million candidates appeared for the joint entrance examination (jee) main in off-line mode sunday across 81 cities, including dubai, riyad and muscat and bahrain city.

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patna,(bihartimes): patna boy siddhant vats has been invited to represent india at the horasis global business meet to be held at belfast, ireland from june 23-24.

not drifting towards congress: nitish 
patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar on thursday denied that he was drifting towards the congress party. incidentally, the denial came just a day after the new bihar pradesh congress committee chief, ashok chaudhary, said that there was no proximity between the congress and janata dal (united). 

upa will lose 2014 polls: nitish kumar patna, april 4: the united progressive alliance (upa) is unlikely to return to power after the next lok sabha polls, bihar chief minister nitish kumar said thursday.

speaker rejects rjd’s no-confidence motion against nitish govt
patna,(bihartimes): the speaker uday narayan chaudhary on thursday rejected rjd’s no-confidence motion in the bihar assembly against the nitish kumar government as it lacked required strength of supporting members.

british parliamentary delegation meets bihar cm, deputy cm
patna,(bihartimes): a british parliamentary delegation on thursday called on chief minister nitish kumar and deputy cm sushil kumar modi. among other things they discussed various aspects of cooperation between britain and bihar.

nepal citizen gets iay funds in bihar?

patna, april 4 : a citizen of nepal is a beneficiary of funds to construct a house under indira awas yojna (iay) in a village in bihar's east champaran district, a local activist said thursday. officials said it seemed to be a case of fraud and will be probed.

bihar assembly session ends on stormy note with opposition again raising cag report
patna,(bihartimes): rashtriya janata dal-led opposition mlas on thursday staged protest outside the state assembly for third day in succession to protest what they alleged large scale loot going on in bihar.

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woman burns alive alleged rapist patna,(bihartimes): in an incident similar to that of rupam pathak a woman in bihar took upon herself to punish a man who allegedly raped her. 

quota in cooperative bodies to empower women: cm patna,(bihartimes): the bihar government’s decision to provide 50 per cent reservation to women in the cooperative bodies would go a long way to empower them.

ruckus in bihar assembly over cag report patna: bihartimes:  assembly and council wednesday saw bedlam with opposition members demanding  a cbi probe into the cag report on alleged irregularities in abstract contingency (ac) and detailed contingency (dc) bills by the state government.

rte deadline passes, but 90 percent schools still to comply: report
new delhi, april 3:as the deadline for implementing the right to education act expired march 31, a group of civil society organisations have claimed that less than 10 percent schools are rte-compliant in terms of infrastructure and teacher availability.
coal crisis leads severe power cut in bihar patna: an acute power crisis prevails in major part of bihar for  the last couple of days. a large part of bihar, including muzaffarpur, gaya, bhagalpur, darbhanga, purnia and saharsa, on tuesday plunged into darkness following the shutdown of two units of ntpc's power generating plant. as a result bihar drew a meagre 1,137 mw of electricity from all its sources against a normal demand of 1800 mw.

cag slams bihar govt. for financial lapses
patna (bihatimes)  the bihar government clamouring in for larger resources  failed to spend 1472.61 crore in 2012 and surrendered 100 percent funds in 192 schemes, says latest report of cag (comptroller and auditor general ) on state finances for the year 2011-12 presented in the state assembly on tuesday.

bihar assembly passes private university bill
patna (bihatimes) bihar state assembly  passed “bihar private university bill” on tuesday paving the way for establishing  private  institutions of higher education in the state.  the setting up of new educational institution would provide additional opportunity to the students of the state.

new saudi work policy to impact thousands of biharis   patna,(bihartimes): thousands of indians, especially malayalis and biharis employed in saudi arabia, may be impacted by a new work policy of the kingdom that seeks to reserve a certain percentage of jobs for locals.

sc frowns over cold response of bihar police new delhi, april 1 : the supreme court monday frowned over the lack of response from some state governments to its notice seeking information on implementation of police reforms ordered in 2006. the supreme court monday frowned over the lack of response from some state governments to its notice seeking information on implementation of police reforms ordered in 2006.

congress leader invites jd-u to join upa

patna, april 1 :a senior leader of the congress in bihar monday invited the janata dal-united (jd-u) to join hands with the upa "to strengthen secular and democratic forces" in the country ahead of the next general elections.

bihar sets aside rs.300 crore for power line for farmer patna, april 1 :  in welcome news for millions of farms in power-starved bihar, the state government has sanctioned rs.300 crore for a dedicated feeder line for agriculture, officials said monday.

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new delhi, march 31 :gujarat chief minister narendra modi was sunday re-inducted into the bharatiya janata party (bjp) parliamentary board -- the highest decision making body -- that will lead the party in the next general elections

ashok choudhary is new bihar congress chief

patna,(bihartimes): congress on sunday appointed ashok choudhary,a young dalit leader the new pcc chief of bihar. choudhary is an mla from barbigha assembly constituency ...

nhrc summons bihar police chief in missing girl case patna, march 31  the national human rights commission (nhrc) has summoned the bihar police chief to appear before it for failing to submit a report on a minor girl missing since sep 18 last year.

'ensure women in planning roles in rural jobs scheme' new delhi, march 31 :  as empowerment of rural women remains a major area of concern, a parliamentary panel has asked the government to ensure there are more women in decision-making roles in the flagship rural jobs scheme so that they could devise ways to benefit even the poorest of them.

bihar ex-minister's son arrested vehicle theft patna, march 30 (ians) the son of a former bihar minister was arrested for stealing two sports utility vehicles (suvs), police said here saturday.

another attack on liquor salesman, but ‘killer’ sho still at large patna,(bihartimes): the station house officer (sho) of chief minister’s home district of nalanda, who allegedly killed the salesman of a licensed liquor shop when he refused to provide two cartons of a premium brand free of cost, is still at large four days after the incident. however, he has been suspended.

norms for hiring teachers relaxed in 13 states
new delhi, march 28 (ians);the central government thursday gave its green signal to 13 states that had sought permission to relax the minimum qualification criteria for appointment of teachers under the sarv shiksha abhiyan.

two killed in clashes over vulgar holi songs in bihar patna, march 29 (ians) two people were killed and over two dozen injured in clashes in bihar over playing lewd bhojpuri holi songs, police friday said.

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jd(u) takes u-turn, says will not support upa even if bihar gets special status
patna,(bihartimes): though it has repeatedly made granting of special category status a pre-condition for giving support to any alliance in future, janata dal-(united) now took a u-turn and made it clear that it has no plans to support the upa if the centre grants special status to bihar.

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Some categories are open to all sellers, some require a Professional seller account, some require approval to sell, and some include products that cannot be sold by third-party sellers. Beauty

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bihar celebrates holi thursday patna, march 28 : it was holi in bihar thursday, a day after the rest of the country celebrated the spring festival of colour, fun and amity.


not coming closer to congress: nitish patna,(bihartimes): rejecting the report that he was coming closer to the congress party bihar chief minister nitish kumar said on tuesday that there should be no politics in the name of granting special category status to bihar.

real estate prices may go up further patna,(bihartimes): real estate prices in patna and other cities of bihar are likely to increase further following a cabinet nod on monday to amend the bihar stamp (prevention of undervaluation of instruments) rules, enabling district-level committee headed by district masistrates to fix the minimum value rate (mvr) of land and apartments by taking into consideration the prevailing market, prices of property and development activities

bihar cabinet nod for private universities draft bill patna,(bihartimes): clearing the decks for setting up private institutions for higher education the state cabinet on monday approved the draft of the private universities bill.

after 16 long years low-key inauguration of muzaffarpur-sitamarhi rail link  patna,(bihartimes): had ram vilas paswan, nitish kumar or lalu prasad been the railway minister it would have been a different story. but on tuesday it was a low-key affair with just sitamarhi mp, arjun rai, flagging off a passenger train. 

nitish kumar celebrates holi patna, march 27 (ians) chief minister nitish kumar, euphoric over the likely move of the central government to accord special status to bihar, played holi with party workers and people wednesday and took pot shots at rjd leader lalu prasad.

nitish, congress keeping rjd, bjp guessing patna,(bihartimes): with nitish kumar and congress busy playing their game the main opposition party in bihar, rashtriya janata dal, appears to be caught in a bind. similarly, another constituent of the nda, bjp, is just keeping a close watch on the whole development.

special status or more special fund for bihar soon patna,(bihartimes): media reports from new delhi said that the centre is either contemplating the special category status for bihar and a couple of other states, or is likely to increase the backward regions grants fund (brgf).

do not mix special category status with politics to stay in power: bjp patna,(bihartimes): reacting to the news that the upa may accept the demand of special category status for bihar, the bharatiya janata party (bjp) on tuesday said the state deserve a special status to get rid of its deprived status, but added that it should not be mixed with the congress party’s strategy to stay in power at the centre.

special status for bihar our demand too: bjp new delhi, march 26 (ians) the bjp tuesday denied any cracks in its alliance with the janata dal-united (jd-u) in bihar and said a special status for the state was its demand too.

no politics behind funds for bihar: sharad yadav new delhi, march 26 :jd-u president sharad yadav tuesday welcomed the reported central government move to change the criteria for "backwardness" to release more funds for bihar but said there was no need to derive political meaning from it.

mauritius honours bihar folk singer patna, march 26 (ians) a bhojpuri folk singer from bihar was honoured by the mauritius government on the occasion of 'bihar diwas' celebrations in the indian ocean island nation, officials said tuesday.

nitish beats narendra modi in 'pichkari' battle patna, march 26 (ians) it is a contest between bihar chief minister nitish kumar and his gujarat counterpart narendra modi -- and the former is ahead. "pichkaris (colour sprinklers)" with pictures of the two leaders are doing brisk business in the markets here ahead of holi.

manu maharaj manu maharaj yet another reshuffle> 
patna,(bihartimes): in yet another major reshuffle in the police, the state government on monday evening transferred 63 ips officers including the ssp of patna. besides, more than three dozen officers have been promoted.

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patna,(bihartimes): following the murder of yet another rti activist in bihar social activists have once again raised the demand for a national legislation to protect the rights of whistleblowers. 

muzaffarpur>patna,(bihartimes): lawyers associated with the muzaffarpur district bar association went on an indefinite strike from monday to protest the murder of ram kumar thakur, an advocate-cum-rti activist on saturday evening. he was shot dead in purshottampur village under maniari police station while returning to ratnoli village from the district court. 

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bihar diwas concludes in a holi mood  patna,(bihartimes): the three-day bihar diwas celebration concluded on sunday with noted singer, daler mehndi, mesmerizing the crowd with his numbers.

'don't cut trees for holi bonfires' patna, march 25 (ians) hundreds of school children and college students in the bihar capital have launched a new mission -- to save trees -- and have appealed to people not to prune or cut down trees for lighting holi bonfires.

child killed after imitating tv hanging scene patna, march 25 (ians) an eight-year-old boy was killed in bihar's buxar district after he and his three elder brothers were trying to imitate a hanging scene they had seen on a tv programme, police said monday.

no justice even after 65 years
patna, march 24is there fake reviews on amazonjustice has remained elusive for over 65 years for nearly 300 litigants over four generations contesting the ownership of a piece of land in bihar's bhojpur district.

bihar to seize properties of 20
patna, march 24 : bihar police has begun the process of seizing the properties of 20 criminals and corrupt people.

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women to get 35 per cent quota in police jobs patna,(bihartimes): in yet another decision which is likely to have major ramification on the society bihar chief minister nitish kumar on friday announced 35 per cent reservation for women in police jobs.
lawyer killed after complaint on mnrega work
patna,(bihartimes): a 48-year-old lawyer, ram kumar thakur, was shot dead on saturday after he had filed a complaint with the vigilance department against a muzaffarpur mukhiya in connection with alleged corruption in mnrega.

celebrating bihar diwas when the coffer is empty?
patna,(bihartimes): when the education department is unable to pay salary on time to thousands of para-teachers––not to speak of regularizing their jobs––and they are being brutally lathicharged on the streets of patna, it is spending crores on organizing three-day bihar diwas celebration.

bihar diwas inauguration turns ugly, sonu nigam intervenes patna,(bihartimes): while noted singer sonu nigam was enthralling the audience with romantic numbers surajhuamadham, shukran allah, mera rang de basanti chola and other songs at the inaugural cultural function of bihar diwas at gandhi maidan on friday evening the scene outside turned violent forcing the celebrity singer to repeatedly make appeal for peace.

verdict on sanjay dutt painful, says manoj bajpai
patna,(bihartimes): film actor manoj bajpai said on saturday that the supreme court judgement on sanjay dutt was painful for him and bollywood actors.

bihar may soon declare sparrow a state bird: sushil modi patna,(bihartimes): deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi reiterated that the bihar government is actively thinking in terms of declaring sparrow as state bird for its protection and conservation.

christians, bank employees protest cancellation of good friday holiday
patna,(bihartimes): the patna branch of the all india anglo-indian association on friday protested against the state government’s decision to cancel the good friday holiday on march 29.

d y patil takes oath as governor of bihar patna,(bihar): padma shri d y patil was on friday took oath as the 34th governor of bihar at a function in rajendra mandap, raj bhawan.

two killed, eight missing as boat capsizes in bihar

�patna, march 23 : at least two people drowned and 10 were missing after a boat ferrying over 35 people capsized in the ganga river in bihar's bhagalpur district saturday, police said.

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court stays arrest of suspended bihar dig
patna, march 22 : the patna high court friday stayed the arrest of suspended deputy inspector general (dig) of police alok kumar for allegedly demanding rs.10 crore from a liquor mafia, a government lawyer said.

incriminating documents seized in vigilance raid in the house of transport dept official 
patna,(bihartimes): acting on a tip-off, sleuth of vigilance investigation bureau on thursday raided the house of the transport department mobile sub-inspector, arjun prasad, in nasriganj locality of danapur in patna and seized incriminating document revealing moveable and immoveable property worth rs seven crore.

konwar departs, d y patil arrives
patna,(bihartimes): the outgoing governor of bihar, devanand konwar, was sent-off on wednesday and his successor d y patil was accorded a grand welcome on his arrival.

sanjay dutt gets 5-year jail term in 1993 mumbai blasts case
new delhi, march 21 (ians) the supreme court thursday upheld the death sentence of yakub abdul razak memon in the 1993 mumbai blasts case and commuted the death sentence of 10 others.

bihar to remove 784 mobile phone towers

patna, march 20: bihar has ordered the removal of 784 mobile phone towers installed in residential areas, and near schools and hospitals here, a minister said wednesday.

more uncertainty yet jd(u) rules out speculations patna,(bihartimes): political uncertainty continues to grip nda a day after chief minister nitish kumar’s statement in the state assembly that at present the alliance in bihar is intact, but nobody knows about future, and hours after reported meeting between congress leader ahmad patel and janata dal (united) chief, sharad yadav.

decoding nitish kumar’s politics of ‘adhikar’
on march 17 nitish kumar held an impressive show of strength in delhi. while the rally was officially projected as a platform to raise the demand for special category status for bihar, and by implication for all states that have been victims of persistent socio-economic backwardness, it has come to be seen as a signal of a potential political realignment in the context of the forthcoming lok sabha elections.

actor-cum-mla condemns neglect of local artistes on occasion of bihar diwas
patna,(bihartimes): actor-cum-independent mla vinay bihari on tuesday strongly denounced the state government’s move to spend lavishly on bollywood stars for bihar diwas celebration at the cost of the local talents.

british diplomat calls for more cooperation with bihar patna,(bihartimes): the british deputy high commissioner for eastern india, sanjay wadvani, on wednesday lauded development and inclusive growth in bihar and said that several companies from his country were evincing interest to work in infrastructure, education and other sectors in the state.

bihar cabinet nod to appoint over 3,000 lecturers
patna,(bihartimes): the bihar cabinet on tuesday finally gave its nod for the appointment of 3,000 lecturers in various colleges through bihar public service commission (bpsc).

police's free coaching offer a hit in maoist zone
patna, march 20 : in bihar's troubled maoist zone, police are coaching for free over 2,000 students to help them crack competitive exams. wards of jailed extremists too have joined the classes, said a police officer.

dry port to come up in bihta near patna by october
patna,(bihartimes): more than two decades after a team of bihar chamber of commerce and industries had met the then finance minister manmohan singh, the then deputy chairman of planning commission pranab mukherjee, and others on august 28, 1991, with an application demanding a dry port in bihar the process in this regard has finally been set in motion.

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many congress, jd(u) leaders feeling jittery over recent developments
patna,(bihartimes): though both janata dal (united) and congress have given ample signals of coming closer there are several leaders in both the parties who are upset over the recent developments.

bihar bjp minister irked over comparison with gujarat model
patna,(bihartimes): animal husbandary and fisheries minister in nitish cabinet, giriraj singgh, once again came down heavily on his own chief minister’s model of development.

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supreme court stays vcs’ appointment in bihar patna.(bihartimes): a bench of justice g s singhvi and justice kurian joseph of the supreme court on monday stayed the appointment of nine vice chancellors and two pro-vice chancellors made by the outgoing governor-cum-chancellor, devanand konwar in various universities of bihar.

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patna, march 19 :the railways have become a soft target in bihar. almost every protest seems to be affecting railway property resulting in huge losses to the nation. in the process, as many as 2,374 train services were affected in the last six months, officials say.

sushil modi warns nitish, says his ‘differences’ with narendra modi is media’s creation

patna,(bihartimes): warning the bihar chief minister nitish kumar in no uncertain term, deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi on sunday directly blamed the media for creating differences with gujarat chief minister.

bjp puts off hunkar rally to october 27
patna,(bihartimes): in a significant decision the two-day state executive committee meeting of the bjp postponed its hunkar rally till october 27. earlier, it was to be held on april 15 at patna’s gandhi maidan.

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jd(u) spokesman blasts his own govt’s decision to constitute upper castes commission
patna,(bihartimes): on the day when the janata dal (united) held a big adhikar rally in delhi its national spokesman and general secretary, shivanand tiwary, made a scathing attack on his government’s decision in bihar to constitute an upper castes commission a couple of years back.
nitish seeks special status for bihar, eyes national role
new delhi, march 17 : bihar chief minister nitish kumar sunday brought his political fight to the national capital and demanded special status for his backward state, while laying bare his ambitions for a national role.

‘adhikar rally’: a major disappointment!
as a keen observer and stakeholder in the development of bihar, the tamasha enacted in name of ‘adhikar rally’ has come as a major disappointment.  the build up to this rally has given me a hope that at last a bihari politician, in form of mr nitish kumar, keeps interest of bihar first, and is serious about his intent of getting special category status for the state. alas! his mannerism and pronouncements at the ramlila ground rally has belied any such hope.
bihar not the only backward state in country: congress new delhi, march 17is there fake reviews on amazon the congress sunday said the central government "goes out of the way" to support all backward states and bihar is not the only one, which chief minister nitish kumar claimed to have been neglected.
how people were mobilized for nitish kumar's delhi rally new delhi, march 17: over a 100 legislators and local leaders of the janata dal-united (jd-u) from bihar camped in delhi and its neighbouring areas for nearly a month to mobilize people for chief minister nitish kumar's rally to press for a special status to the state.

ahead of rally jd(u) drops hint to go it alone

patna,(bihartimes): just a day before the adhikar rally in new delhi janata dal (united) has said it is prepared to fight the next lok sabha election alone in the state if the situation demands so and its alliance with bjp ceases to exist.

arun jaitley calls for unity, urges no politicization of special status demandpatna,(bihartimes): on the eve of janata dal (united)’s rally in new delhi leader of opposition in rajya sabha, arun jaitley, while addressing the state bjp executive on saturday, said that the centre should, soon revisit the criteria for the special category status so that backward states could be provided central assistance for their accelerated development and growth.

nitish to address rally in delhi for special status to bihar new delhi, march 16 :bihar chief minister nitish kumar will address a rally here to press for special status category for bihar.
bjp ministers, mps, legislators abstain from state executive meet patna,(bihartimes): division in the state bjp appears to have widened as a large number of its leaders did not turn up at two-day bihar executive meeting of the party - the first after mangal pandey became the state party chief.which started on saturday morning.

sriprakash jaiswal assures coal linkage to barauni power project  patna,(bihartimes): the union coal minister, sriprakash jaiswal, on friday once again assured coal linkage to the barauni thermal power project in bihar.

bjp's bumpy entry into post-advani phase the bharatiya janata party's preparations for next year's general election have been hit by several snags - all of them predictable.

delhi-bound trains, flights full of jd-u workers patna, march 16: all the trains and flights from here to delhi saturday were full of thousands of jd-u workers and leaders going to the national capital for the party's 'adhikar rally' seeking special economic status for bihar.

patna hc stays results of 53rd to 55th bpsc final exam patna,(bihartimes): the bench of justice mihir kumar jha of the patna high court on friday directed the bihar public service commission (bpsc) not to publish the results of the 53rd to 55th combined competitive mains examination till further order.
believe it pmch has now no money for soap, cotton patna,(bihartimes): it was perhaps never so bad for the bihar’s premier health-centre, patna medical college and hospital.

bihar to train one million schoolgirls in martial arts
patna, march 15 (ians) the bihar government has decided to train one million schoolgirls in karate so that they can use the martial art to protect themselves from sexual harassment, an official said friday.

jd(u) plays a cruel joke with bihar budget session patna,(bihartimes): it is the height of non-seriousness on the part of nitish kumar-led government in bihar. showing utter disregard to the on-going budget session of bihar legislature ministers and mlas of the ruling janata dal (united) are camping in delhi. in fact they were asked by the party leadership to skip the session and go and mobilize people in the national capital to make the march 17 rally a success. 

facilitate speedy trial of rape cases, bihar government tells sps patna,(bihartimes): the bihar government has instructed superintendents of police of all districts to facilitate the speedy trial of rape cases.

chemical fertilizers cost bihar's farmers heavy patna, march 14: millions of impoverished farmers in bihar are paying a heavy price for using chemical fertilizers, which are not only costly but are also contaminating the drinking water and affecting the soil, said a study by greenpeace india released here thursday.


bihar minister admits huge black money in real estate, construction business
patna,(bihartimes): the state government admitted that huge amounts of black money have been invested in real estate in bihar, particularly in patna, pushing prices of apartments to unrealistic levels.

6,000 chickens culled in bihar after bird flu outbreak patna, march 14 : nearly 6,000 chickens were culled and a large quantity of eggs destroyed in bihar's purnea district in the last five days following an outbreak of bird flu and officials asked to take all preventive measures to check the spread of the virus, an official said thursday.
bihar to recover “ghost payment” in mgnrega patna,(bihartimes): in a move to recover “ghost payments” the bihar government has launched a special drive to verify mnrega cards issued to 1.27 crore beneficiaries. the verification exercise would be completed by may end this year.

swaminathan stumps nitish with ‘special category’ speech patna, (bihartimes): noted economic journalist, swaminathan s. anklesaria aiyar dropped a bombshell while delivering a lecture on “revisiting bihar-development journey so far” organized by asian development research institute (adri) in patna on tuesday.

bihar facing huge shortage of judges in subordinate courts: minister patna,(bihartimes): law minister narendra narayan yadav said that about 16.81 lakh civil and criminal cases are pending in subordinate courts in bihar because of the shortage of judges.

centre has played much bigger role in bihar’s development: congress leader patna,(bihartimes): a few days after prime minister manmohan singh tweeted about the high growth rate in bihar––which the chief minister interpreted it as a pat on the back––congress legislature party leader and former speaker, sadanand singh, attributed all the developments in the state to the generosity shown by the upa government in the centre.

bpsc to be entrusted with job of appointing college teachers: education minister patna,(bihartimes): education minister prashant kumar shahi said on tuesday that the bihar government would bring an amendment bill in the current budget session of the assembly to entrust bihar public service commission with the job to recruit 3,000 assistant professors, associate professors and professors.

bihar yet to receive second instalment of mnrega, iay funds: minister patna,(bihartimes): rural development minister nitish mishra said on tuesday that the state government was finding it difficult to implement central flagship schemes like the mahatma gandhi national employment guarantee act (mnrega) and the indira avas yojana (iay) for want of central funds.

bihar structures to carry labourers' names too
is there fake reviews on amazonatna, march 13 : manoj yadav and sukhan paswan, both daily-wagers working on government sponsored development schemes for years, have reason to be upbeat. they have been informed by a government official that their names will be engraved on a stone plaque on the structure they have helped build, along with the names of the minister, legislator and engineers.

200 students expelled for cheating in bihar patna, march 13is there fake reviews on amazon more than 200 school students, caught cheating in the class 10 board exam, were expelled and nearly 100 parents, who helped them use unfair means, were arrested in bihar wednesday.

tripura government says no to konwar
agartala, march 12 : the tripura government tuesday denounced the central government for unilaterally appointing devanand konwar as the new governor of the state.

gangetic river dolphin population stable in bihar
patna, march 13 : the endangered gangetic river dolphin population has been stable in bihar over the last six years, despite accidental and intentional killing of the mammal in the rivers, an official said here.

one killed in violence in patna
patna,(bihartimes): a youth was killed in a clash between boarders of patel chatrawas and chayeen tola near bhikna pahari more under kadam kuan police station of patna on monday night.

konwar’s removal another congress move to woo nitish? patna,(bihartimes): the replacement of governor debanand konwar on march 9 is another instance of growing closeness between janata dal (united) and congress.

pu teachers go on strike to protest attack on vc patna,(bihartimes): teachers of patna university on monday went on one day token strike in protest against the assault on vice chancellor, shambhu nath singh, and to press their demand for the arrest of those who were involved in it.

supreme court issues notice on police reforms new delhi, march 11 : the supreme court monday issued notice to the central and state governments asking them about steps taken to bring about police reforms.

bird flu: more than 2000 chickens culled in bihar
patna, march 11 : more than 2,000 chickens were culled and a large quantity of eggs destroyed in bihar's purnea district in the last 24 hours following an outbreak of avian flu, officials said monday.

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new delhi, march 11 : the main accused in the dec 16 gang-rape of a 23-year-old has committed suicide in delhi's tihar jail monday morning, police said.

modi's gujarat cannot become country's model: karat

patna, march 11 : communist party of india-marxist (cpi-m) chief prakash karat sunday said the "gujarat model" of chief minister narendra modi cannot serve as the model for the whole country.

more than 15 cases of kidnapping and missing girls reported from bihar every day

patna,(bihartimes): the figure sounds shockingly unbelievable, nevertheless true. according to a top police source on an average 15-20 cases of kidnapping and missing girls are reported from bihar every day. not only that, many cases go unreported.

for as long as blood runs in my veins, i'll not allow modi to become prime minister: lalu
patna, march 10: rashtriya janata dal (rjd) chief lalu prasad sunday said he would do everything to stop gujarat chief minister narendra modi from becoming the country's prime minister.

'bihar can beat punjab in wheat production'
patna, march 10 : after creating a world record in rice production, bihar could surpass punjab in wheat production, says an internationally reputed wheat-breeder, who is an associate of norman borlaug, the pioneer of india's green revolution.

rs 20 lakh looted from bank patna,(bihartimes): armed criminals on saturday looted rs 20 lakh from a nationalised bank branch in nawadih-sirpari village of jamui district. according to police the motorcycle-borne gangs entered the premises of the bank on saturday afternoon and damaged the cctv camera after overpowering the security guard and looted rs 20 lakh cash from the chest of the bank.

bpl families to get goats, poultry in bihar: cm
patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar said on saturday that people living below the poverty line in bihar would be provided goats and poultry free-of-cost under jeevika programme of bihar rural livelihood promotion society so that they get their supplement of nutrition in the form of eggs and milk.
students attack pu vice chancellor patna,(bihartimes): patna university (pu) vice-chancellor shambhu nath singh was on saturday allegedly manhandled by some students while he was on his way to office. reports said the bodyguard of the vice chancellor had to pull out his pistol to rescue him.

bihar gets new governor
new delhi, march 9 : president pranab mukherjee saturday named d.y. patil the new governor of bihar, while incumbent devanand konwar was moved to tripura, a rashtrapati bhavan statement said.

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bihar deputy cm’s private secretary arrested for cheating an nri
patna,(bihartimes): the patna police on friday morning arrested umashankar sharma, a private secretary of bihar deputy chief minister, sushil kumar modi, on the charge of allegedly cheating his partner in a private joint business.

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centre’s rural health scheme, chattissa, a success in bihar: minister
patna,(bihartimes): the rural health scheme of the central government, chattissa, is running successfully in 12 panchayats of bihar.

four illegal bangladeshi immigrants freed from bihar jail patna, march 9 : four illegal bangladeshi immigrants, languishing in a bihar jail for more than three years after their term ended, have been released and handed over to the authorities of their country, police said saturday.

bihar govt still committed to ganga expressway, may build it on its own patna,(bihartimes): after the failure of private firm to show up, the bihar government is now planning to construct the ganga expressway project on its own.

para-teachers lathicharge: opposition stages yet another walkout patna,(bihartimes): the opposition parties staged a walkout from the bihar assembly for the third day in succession on friday on the issue of brutal police lathicharge on agitating para-teachers on tuesday.

jd(u), bjp mlas seek action against rjd, congress leaders patna,(bihartimes): some ruling jd(u) and bjp mlas on friday sought action against rjd and congress leaders alleged to be involved in the attack on chief minister nitish kumar’s convoy in khagaria on september 27 last year.

bihar minister says bhoodan movement was clever ploy to cheat the poor patna,(bihattimes): revenue and land reforms minister in the nitish cabinet, ramai ram, on thursday surprised the members of bihar assembly when he said on the floor of the house that acharya vinoba bhave’s bhoodan movement turned out to be a campaign to deceive the landless and poor of their rights.

is there fake reviews on amazonis there fake reviews on amazona 13-year-old boy committed suicide by consuming poison in a village in bihar's gaya district after his parents refused to give him a mobile phone that he repeatedly asked for, police said saturday.

new airport at bihta under consideration of centre: ajit singh
patna,(bihartimes): civil aviation minister ajit singh said that the union government plans to build a new international airport at bihta, near patna, but availability of land from the state government is an issue. 

attack on nitish’s carcade: sit says rjd, congress leaders played ‘doubtful’ role 
patna,(bihartimes): the special investigation team (sit) investigating the violent protests during chief minister nitish kumar’s adhikar yatra' at khagaria on september 27 has found the role of rjd leader ram kripal yadav and congress leader pappu yadav in the incident as ‘doubtful’.

para-teachers disrupt road, rail traffic on bihar bandh day patna,(bihartimes): para-teachers throughout the state disrupted road and rail traffic during the bandh call given by them on thursday. the call for shutdown was given in protest against the brutal police lathicharge on them near r-block on tuesday. more than 50 of them, several of them women, were injured in the incident.

a day after sc notice bihar govt justifies lathicharge patna,(bihartimes): though the supreme court on wednesday issued notice to the bihar government on the issue of police lathi-charge the bihar government on thursday defended the lathicharge. it said that the irate mob of teachers were throwing stones at the police personnel, putting their lives in danger. 

jd(u) mp to organize yagna for making narendra modi pm? patna,(bihartimes): if reports coming from new delhi is true the janata dal (united) mp from muzaffarpur, captain jai narayan nishad, is going to organize a yagna at his residence for realizing gujarat chief minister narendra modi’s dream to become prime minister of india.

nitish thanks manmohan for praising bihar’s growth on tweeter
 patna,(bihartimes): in another move, which may be interpreted politically, chief minister nitish kumar on thursday thanked prime minister manmohan singh for praising bihar’s growth rate of 10.9 per cent, which is ahead of narendra modi’s gujarat. 

newly-elected jd(u) mla does something unusual, touches marshal’s feet patna,(bihartimes): the newly-elected mla from kalyanpur is there fake reviews on amazon reserved assembly constituency, manju kumari, came to the house for the first time in her life on tuesday. but she ended up doing something very unusual. 

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uproarious scene in bihar legislature over lathicharge on teachers
patna,(bihartimes): tuesday’s brutal lathicharge on the contractual teachers had its reverberations in the bihar legislature with the opposition parties forcing repeated adjournments of both the houses on wednesday.

centre appoints former bihar chief secretary as gstn chairman patna,(bihartimes): the centre on wednesday selected former chief secretary of bihar, navin kumar, as the chairman of gstn. it is a special purpose vehicle (spv) for providing common it infrastructure to the centre and the states in the goods & services tax (gst) regime.

police thrashing: sc issues notice to bihar
new delhi, march 6 :  taking note of media reports of the thrashing by police of group of teachers in the bihar capital patna, the supreme court monday issued notice to the chief secretary of the state.

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opposition in assembly flays police raid on toi journalist patna,(bihartimes): opposition members in the bihar legislative assembly on tuesday criticized what they call “police terror” in nawada and accused the district sp and the rajauli sho of throwing all norms and rules to the wind.

police officer involved in arrest of app appears before cjmpatna,(bihartimes): one hundred and two (102) days after the court issued a non-bailable warrant of arrest against him, the sho of rajauli, vindhyachal prasad, appeared before the court of chief judicial magistrate (cjm) on tuesday. the court granted him bail.

teachers on contract protest across bihar

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bihar education minister terms vcs’ appointment illegal

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patna,(bihartimes): dozens of para-teachers, several of them women, were injured in a brutal police lathicharge on them on tuesday near r-block, about 200 metres from the gate of bihar assembly.

girls in bihar village: we are no less important than men

mania, about 150 km from here in buxar district, has been following a novel tradition for the last three decades - of hindu girls wearing the 'janeu' or sacred thread, which is otherwise the preserve of brahmin men, to overcome gender and religious bias.

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five mns men arrested for beating north indians

satara (maharashtra), march 5 (ians) five party workers of the raj thackeray-led maharashtra navnirman sena (mns) were arrested tuesday for beating up parents of north indian students, police said.

road maintenance policy on anvil: minister patna,(bihartimes): the bihar government on tuesday reiterated that a new road policy would be formed to tackle road maintenance issues. 

hunt on to arrest eight doctors who abandoned victims of kosi flood of 2008 patna,(bihartimes): police in bihar are searching for eight doctors charged with dereliction of duty following complaints that they abandoned flood victims who needed medical assistance during devastating kosi flood of august 2008.

students from qatar to take part in bihar divas celebration patna,(bihartimes): twenty students and teachers from qatar will take part in the bihar divas function in patna on march 22.

bihar will soon become power surplus state: minister patna,(bihartimes): power minister bijendra prasad yadav on monday claimed that the state would have nearly 5,300mw of power from various sources, including the central pool, by 2015 and thus would be able to fulfil chief minister nitish kumar’s last independence day promise that he would not seek votes if his government failed to improve power scenario in the state.  

parents from bihar, up manhandled by mns men on school admission day in satara patna,(bihartimes): workers and supporters of maharashtra navnirman sena (mns) manhandled parents of children from bihar and uttar pradesh seeking admission in the sainik school in satara. 

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patna,(bihartimes): the bihar legislative council was on monday informed that the state government had initiated action against 2.50 lakh beneficiaries who did not construct homes under indira awas yojna within the stipulated period of six months in 2012-13.

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bihar bjp chief skirts question on narendra modi as pm candidate patna,(bihartimes): skirting direct questions on projection of narendra modi as prime ministerial candidate by bjp the new bihar bjp president mangal pandey said on monday that the decision on the issue would be taken by the central leadership. 

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hoax caller arrested from bihar new delhi, march 4 :the police have arrested a person who made a hoax call feb 26 to delhi airport authorities about a bomb on board a patna-bound indigo flight thereby delaying it, an official said monday.

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tariq anwar asks nitish to explain his stand on narendra modi patna,(bihartimes): the national general secretary of nationalist congress party, tariq anwar, on sunday asked the bihar chief minister nitish kumar to make his stand clear as now the bjp has made it almost clear that it would project the gujarat chief minister narendra modi as the prime ministerial candidate for the next parliamentary election.

modi sets stage for national role, compares congress to a termite new delhi, march 3 : setting the stage for a likely national role in the bjp, gujarat chief minister narendra modi sunday hit out at the congress, terming it a termite even as party leaders emphasised unity, discipline and clean image for success in the upcoming elections.

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bjp meet heaps praise on modi, asks cadre to work for polls new delhi, mar 1 :in an indication of his growing stature within the bharatiya janata party, gujarat chief minister narendra modi came in for special praise at its national executive meeting friday as party chief rajnath singh termed the atmosphere favourable for the party in the next general elections.

patna high court acquits 11 men in bhojpur massacre case patna,(bihartimes): a division bench of the patna high court comprising justice v n sinha and justice a k lal on friday acquitted all the 11 accused in nagari massacre of november 11, 1998. they were all suspected to be the activists of ranvir sena.

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25,000 low-cost flats to come up in four cities of bihar by 2015 patna,(bihartimes): bihar state housing board (bshb) will build 25,000 low-cost flats in multi-storied buildings in four cities of bihar. all these flats would be completed under ppp mode latest by 2015.

nuclear power corporation team inspects rajauli site for 1,400 mw plant
patna,(bihartimes): a team of nuclear power corporation of india limited inspected a site at rajouli in nawada where the centre is planning to set up a 1,400 mw nuclear power plant.

after pci, it is bihar human rights commission’s turn to express concern over muzzling of press patna,(bihartimes): after press council of india it is the turn of bihar human rights commission (bhrc) which has taken strong exception to arm-twisting of press as well as judiciary.
best service award conferred on a centre of bihar patna, march2 : another feather was added to the glory of bihar following award to the skylark computers private limited- muzaffarpur for providing best services during the year 2012 in the eastern zone.

finance minister has good words but no fund for nalanda university

though bihar chief minister nitish kumar and vc, gopa sabharwal lauded chidamabaram’s reference to nalanda university the fact is that no fund has been allocated for former president, a p j abdul kalam’s brainchild.

raid on the times of india journalist's house proves right press council of india report

patna,(bihartimes): in a shocking incident the nawada police on wednesday night raided the house of the times of india correspondent, s b sinha, after he did a story on the non-execution of non-bailable warrant of arrest of sho by the police.

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patna,(bihartimes): bihar chief minister nitish kumar, who two days back strongly criticized the railway budget, on thursday lavished fulsome praise on finance minister p chidambaram for promising to revisit criteria for special category status and said that it was a “victory in-principle” for bihar in view of its consistent demand for grant of such a status.

union budget divides nda as sushil modi contradicts nitish kumar
patna,(bihartimes): the union budget of 2013 seems to have created a big division within the ruling nda as for the first time in last over seven years the chief minister and his deputy took a totally different stand on the same issue.

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bihar soon to open door for private universities patna,(bihartimes): in a significant shift in policy the state government on wednesday announced that it is working on a bill for the framing of an act to facilitate the opening of private universities in the state. it would be tabled in the state assembly during the current session itself.

jd-u retains bihar's kalyanpur assembly seat patna, feb 28 (ians) bihar's ruling janata dal-united (jd-u) thursday retained the kalyanpur assembly seat, with its candidate manju kumari defeating lok janshakti party's (ljp) rekha paswan by over 17,000 votes, an election official said.

nalanda farmer accepts chinese scientist’s challenge as rice production falls in 2012patna,(bihartimes): sumant kumar of darveshpura village in nalanda district, who claims to have broken the world record in rice production in 2011, has accepted the challenge of chinese expert yuan longping, known in his country as “the father of hybrid rice” and invited him to visit his farm and see for himself the yield per acre.

boy commits suicide over mobile phone patna, feb 28 (ians) a 12-year-old boy immolated himself in bihar after his father snatched his mobile telephone that he had allegedly bought with stolen money, police said thursday.  

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chidambaram's budget plays welfare card to win confidence
10 percent surcharge on individuals with rs.1 crore income 
chidambaram levies 0.01 percent ctt on non-agro commodities
cigarettes, suvs and smart phones to cost more
rs.200 crore fund to take science to people
ppp mode for raising coal production
oil, gas production contracts on revenue-sharing basis
nirbhaya fund for women's safety
rs.1,000 crore for skill development of youth

rally race on march 17: narendra modi, nitish kumar may both end up as losers patna,(bihartimes): on march 17 both bihar chief minister, nitish kumar and his gujarat counterpart, narendra modi, would be addressing rallies in two different cities of the country with one objective––to exhibit their strength. 

rjd seeks cbi probe into killing of lieutenant of former ranvir sena chief patna,(bihartimes): the killing of vinod singh, the mukhiya of ichri panchayat in bhojpur district had its reverberations in the state assembly on wednesday with the rashtriya janata dal mlas demanding a cbi probe into it. 

eight doctors to be arrested for negligence patna, feb 28: police have ordered the arrest of eight government doctors for negligence during the 2008 floods in bihar, police said thursday.

hostels for working women in bihar (bihartimes)under the scheme for working women hostel being administered by ministry of women and child development, government of india, so far 6 working women hostels have been sanctioned in bihar. 

jd (u) launches a special campaign on social media patna,(bihartimes): in an attempt to grant special category status to bihar the state chief minister nitish kumar has declared a rally on march 17, 2013 at ramlila maidan in new delhi. to unite people on this cause, the janta dal united (jd u) has taken first-of-its-kind political initiatives of using social media platforms.

maurya lok shops shut to protest pmc’s apathy patna,(bihartimes): shopkeepers of maurya lok on wednesday kept their shutters down in protest against the patna municipal corporation’s apathy and alleged maintenance funds anomaly.

cabint nod for recruitment of 43,761 policemen in next five years

patna,(bihartimes): the state cabinet on tuesday approved the creation of 43,761 posts of police at 155 police stations in bihar. they would be appointed in the next five years. 

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patna high court stays appointment of secretariat assistants patna,(bihartimes): a single bench of justice mihir kumar jha of the patna high court on tuesday directed the state government not to make appointment of secretariat assistants till any decision is made on the writ petitions challenging the selection test results. 

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the union minister for railways,  pawan kumar bansal along with the minister of state for railways,  k.j. surya prakash reddy arriving at parliament house to present the rail budget 2013-14, in new delhi on february 26, 2013.

highlights of railway budget 2013-14

india's rail budget assures safety, comfort with no fare hike
fact sheet on indian railways, world's fourth largest network
e-booking of train tickets to become faster, easier

bihar in railway budget
new express trains for bihar
new passenger trains
extension of trains

nitish kumar trashes railway budget

chief minister nitish kumar tuesday described the railway budget as a big disappointment for the people of the country and particularly for bihar, alleging the railway projects in the state are being "delayed".

woman cop held for sending vulgar smses to bureaucrat

patna, feb 26 :a bihar woman constable was arrested for sending vulgar smses and regularly calling on the mobile phone of a trainee ias officer, police tuesday said.

bihar borrows jharkhand's chopper to fight maoists patna, feb 25:bihar has borrowed a helicopter from jharkhand for operations against maoist rebels, a state minister told the state assembly monday.


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lalu, paswan stay the upa course for resurrection

another story
(a look at biharis living in india and pakistan)

lessons from past for bihar’s ‘resurrection’ man

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rally season sparks power show among friends & foes

bihar i love and hate

whose adhikar? bihar’s babus bat for nitish kumar

lalu gathers force as nitish yatra turns flop show

the flagging nitish phenomenon

why bjp opposes foreign investment in retail

fdi  in multi-brand retail and bihar

will india and china fight a war again?

nitish kumar fast forwards to backward wishlist

did someone say “deezal”?

the friendly neighbourhood chief minister

sun shines for retiring babus in bihar

bihar takes extra care of its babus

rising crime graph nails nitish kumar’s plank of improved law and order in bihar

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nitish infuses energy into his election campaign

nitish’s one-sided love affair with congress

social media becoming double-edged sword

ash draws fans in kochi

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minting money in an ngo way

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kajol regrets ignoring her education kajol made her acting debut when she was still in school and after that academics took a back seat. the actress regrets not taking her studies seriously...

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If you're trying to get maximum exposure to your music, YouTube (including YouTube Music) seems like it should be a priority. You know you're music better than anyone though and should start with your fans first and foremost. Maybe it's due to the way people use these platforms- with YouTube often used as a discovering platform while Spotify focuses more on focused listening habits

cultural terrorism: idea of india threatened

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(bihartimes) bihar government has pinned very high hopes on 12th plan going by the numerous statements of the chief minister and his deputy. however, it seems 12th plan would be meeting expectations of state only halfway, that too mostly in semantics than in substance. while 12th plan is generous in accepting suggestions on procedural aspects as suggested by bihar government, it is not so generous on economic and developmental needs of the state.

sitar legend ravi shankar is dead

no jumping jack, no angry young man! bollywood moves away from labels
deepti naval to play typical bengali woman new delhi, dec 11 (ians) acclaimed actress deepti naval will sport the look of a typical bengali woman, and has trained to pick up the bengali accent for her role in the movie "yaariyaan".

manisha koirala undergoes successful surgery

i can look back at life with satisfaction, surprise: dilip kumar (interview)
dilip kumar at 90: wife saira remembers 46 years of love
four patients die in delhi due to ventilator snag
will cash transfers be the new game-changer?
sonakshi sinha doesn't regret doing 'joker'

zee group chairman seeks time to join police probe

'exercise, mental activity vital for brain health'
men with belly fat ripe for bone loss
drug pricing: which way will india go?
bjp under siege - from within
should it be no work, no pay for mps?
kejriwal formally launches aam aadmi party
joshi under attack on 2g report from ex-cag official, congress
lokpal report tabled in rajya sabha amidst ruckus 

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'fdi in retail to help improve supply chain, boost growth'


nbfcs cheated people of rs 20.38 crore: sushil modi

patna,(bihartimes): deputy chief minister-cum-finance finister sushil kumar modi, said on monday that non-banking financial companies (nbfcs) have cheated rs 20.38 crore from the people of bihar in the last few years.

bhojpuri cinema completes 50 years patna,(bihartimes): to mark the completion of 50 years of bhojpuri cinema, bihar sangeet natak academy and cine society, patna jointly organised a screening of “ganga mayya tohe piyari chadahibo”, a rare classic on february 22, at the premchand rangashala here in patna.

pakistani team in patna to study success of anti-polio drive in bihar patna,(bihartimes): a four-member team from pakistan is in patna on the invitation of chief minister nitish kumar. they are here to study the success of anti-polio campaign in bihar in the last so many years.

bihar criminals shun mobiles, use postal letters for extortion

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cji urges budding lawyers to be caring, compassionate

patna,(bihartimes): while addressing law graduates of chanakya national law university (cnlu) the chief justice of india (cji) altamas kabir said on saturday that they should be caring, compassionate and committed towards society.

“bihar should have one university for every district”patna,(bihartimes): founder vice-chancellor of national law school of india university, bangalore, padma shri n r madhava menon on sunday said that if there are 38 districts in the state, there should be at least 38 universities.

vashist narayan singh all set to be re-elected as bihar jd(u) president

patna,(bihartimes): the president of bihar unit of janata dal (united), vashist narayan singh, is all set to be re-elected for the second consecutive term as nobody has filed the nomination papers.

sibal flays media censorship, recalls maulana azad’s contribution

patna,(bihartimes): union minister for communications and information technology kapil sibal said here on saturday that these days some people were asking reporters not to ask questions.

trial by media a serious concern: chief justice patna, feb 23:  chief justice of india (cji) altamas kabir saturday expressed "serious concern" over trial by media of persons accused of crime or wrongdoing even before the courts pronounced their judgement.

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In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, the president said that he would be The president's job approval rating fell to 40 percent in the same poll,

contract teachers are giving sub-contract in  bihar: dr mangla rai

patna,(bihartimes): dr mangla rai, the advisor in agriculture to the bihar chief minister said on friday that contract teachers are giving sub-contract, which is having devastating impact at primary and secondary level of education in bihar. 

state trying to smoothen justice delivery system : nitish

patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar on friday said the state government with its limited resources was trying to smoothen the justice delivery system by providing facilities in courts and arranging libraries for judicial officers. 

property worth crores recovered after raids patna,(bihartimes): moveable and immoveable property worth crores were recovered after teams of eou raided the residential and business premises of sub-inspector, mohammad yunus, executive engineer of rural engineering organization mithilesh kumar and executive engineer of phed nageshwar sharma. the raids continued for two days––wednesday and thursday.

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jica extends rs 1,350 crore for upgradation of patna-bodh gaya national highway
 patna,(bihartimes): the japan international cooperation agency (jica) on friday signed a japanese oda loan agreement with the government of india to provide 22,903 million japanese yen (rs 1,350 crore) for the bihar national highway improvement project.

8 killed in bihar landmine blast patna, feb 22 : eight people, including six police officials, were killed friday when maoist guerrillas triggered a landmine blast in bihar's gaya district, police said.

nitish govt denies bihartimes report

patna,(bihartimes): the state government had on february 18 denied the report "nitish helping revival of monarchy in nepal?” published in bihartimes.

bihar’s deputy cm presents revenue surplus budget patna,(bihartimes): deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi on thursday proposed substantial hike in cigarette and other tobacco products to generate additional revenue as he presented a revenue surplus budget––ninth in succession––for the state for the financial year 2013-14.

cm accuses fci of going back on promise of procuring foodgrains speedily

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patna,(bihartimes): opening his mouth for the first time after the three-member fact-finding team submitted its report last week to the press council of india chairman, bihar chief minister nitish kumar on wednesday strongly criticized, justice markandey katju, for what he said “unsubstantiated” remarks on press censorship in the state.

eou team raids suspended dig alok kumar’s residence
patna,(bihartimes): the economic offence unit (eou) of the state police late on wednesday raided the residence of former saran dig alok kumar, at pataliputra colony in patna.

nitish rules out prohibition on alcohol patna,(bihartimes): though under attack from the opposition parties, women groups, health and social activists––and even his own health minister––for deaths of over 100 people in the last few months in several hooch tragedies chief minister nitish kumar on wednesday ruled out imposition of prohibition on alcohol saying the measure was not practical.

sushil modi, siddiqui locked in verbal duel over pci report patna,(bihartimes): the deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi and leader of the opposition abdul bari siddiqui got locked into a verbal duel over the press council of india report in bihar assembly on wednesday.

press council report on media censorship in bihar not finalized patna,(bihartimes): press council of india said its report on media censorship in bihar could not be approved in its meeting on monday because members wanted more time to study the contents.
woman sells baby daughter in bihar patna, feb 21: a poverty-stricken woman in this bihar capital has claimed that she sold her two-month-old daughter for rs.5,000 to a neighbour to raise money for her ailing husband's medical treatment.

dalits denied water, nhrc issues notice to bihar new delhi, feb 20 (ians) the nhrc wednesday sought a report from the bihar government over the denial of water to dalits by upper caste people in kishanganj.

'kai po che!' inspires new apparel line

youth-oriented film "kai po che!", about three friends, has inspired a new apparel collection...

strike hits normal life in bihar

patna, feb 20: normal life was hit in bihar wednesday, the first day of the two-day nationwide strike called by major trade unions to press for various demands, officials said.

bihar legislator named in kidnapping-cum-murder case
patna, feb 20 :  bihar legislator anant singh of the ruling janata dal-united (jd-u) was named an accused in the kidnapping and murder of a farmer, police said wednesday.

nitish govt’s u-turn on surya namaskar after opposition onslaught and confusion patna,(bihartimes): following widespread confusion and chaos and attack by the opposition parties the state government on tuesday took a u-turn with the chief minister nitish kumar telling the state assembly that there was no directive to schools for students to do the ‘asana’ and accused the opposition of creating an ‘unnecessary wrangle’.


patna,(bihartimes): the state hrd minister, prashant kumar shahi, said on tuesday that “parents are independent to send their wards to schools in accordance with their financial capabilities and private schools are also free to charge according to their requirements.” 

nitish favours reservation policy for affiliated colleges

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mumbai, feb 20 :  actor sushant singh rajput will host a private screening of his debut bollywood film "kai po che!" in his hometown patna for his childhood friends.

trains, road services hit in bihar patna, feb 20:  thousands of people were stranded across bihar wednesday as trains were stopped and key highways blocked by activists affiliated to various trade unions that have called for a nationwide two-day strike.

bihar records 11.95 per cent annual growth during 11th plan: economic survey

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Related questions Related

opposition parties censure nitish govt for press censorship patna,(bihartimes): after strong indictment of the state government by a fact-finding team of the press council of india (pci), it is the turn of the opposition parties to accuse the nitish government of muzzling the press.

bihar govt orders probe into death of baby due to rat-biting
patna,(bihartimes): the bihar government on tuesday ordered a probe into the death of a baby after being allegedly bitten by a rat in rohtas district.

'pakistani agent' remark sparks furore in bihar patna, feb 19 :  the opposition rjd tuesday demanded the resignation of two bjp ministers in bihar for allegedly terming the party as "pakistani agents", after it opposed students performing 'surya namaskar' in state government schools.

78,464 people convicted in bihar in seven years

patna, feb 19is there fake reviews on amazonover 78,000 criminals, including politicians and lawmakers, have been convicted and punished in bihar, highest in the country, in the last seven years due to the fast-track courts, an official said tuesday.

bihar govt revokes suspension of woman ips officer

patna,(bihartimes): after keeping her suspended for four months the bihar government on monday revoked the order of suspension of former sheikhpura superintendent of police anusuiya ran singh sahu, as it failed to frame charges against her in the stipulated 90 days period. 

plus-ii exam hits surya namaskar in bihar, issue raised in assembly too patna,(bihartimes): even as surya namaskar programme was organised on monday across bihar and elsewhere in the country on the occasion of swami vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary controversy cropped up in the state assembly as an rjd mla accused the nitish government of thrusting the rss agenda on all the people.

congress mlc irritates governor by query on ‘appointment rate’ for vcs patna,(bihartimes): bihar governor devanand konwar was on monday repeatedly interrupted by congress woman mlc, jyoti, during his address to joint session of state legislature over alleged corruption in appointment of vice-chancellors and college principals prompting him to admonish her.  

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patna,(bihartimes): after bjp leader arun jaitley targeted markandey katju for criticizing gujarat chief minister narendra modi the beleaguered janata dal (united) on monday got an opportunity to settle score with the press council of india chairman.

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patna,(bihartimes): the national e-governance award 2012-13 in category “innovative use of technology in e-governance” was given to bihar by ministry of personnel and administrative reforms and ministry of electronics and information technology.

bihar opposition creates ruckus over liquor, graft

patna, feb 18 (ians) the bihar assembly's month-long budget session began here monday on a stormy note as the opposition parties attacked the government over its liquor policy, poor law and order situation, and rampant graft in the state.

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patna, feb 18 (ians)is there fake reviews on amazonbihar's farmers have done it again. a farmer from sohdih village of bihar's nalanda district has set a new world record in potato production through organic farming this year.the potato farmer, rakesh kumar, has harvested 108.8 tonnes of potato per hecrtare and set a new world record in potato production, nalanda district magistrate sanjay kumar agrawal said monday. 

bihar plans solar power with pisciculture patna,(bihartimes): bihar state power (holding) company limited (bsphcl), has been designated by the state energy department to develop up to 150mw of solar photovoltaic (pv)-based projects which are to be set up on the chaur/pond where pisciculture is being undertaken.

katju's remarks unsolicited, must quit: bjp new delhi, feb 18 (ians) keeping up its attack on press council of india (pci) chairman markandey katju, the bjp monday said his remarks on gujarat chief minister narendra modi are "unsolicited" and he is free to voice any opinion but after relinquishing his position.

digvijaya lashes out at jaitley over katju new delhi, feb 18 (ians) congress leader digvijaya singh lashed out at bjp's arun jaitley here monday for attacking press council chairman markandey katju over his remarks on gujarat chief minister narendra modi.

bihar bjp infighting: scene shifts to delhi patna,(bihartimes): the infighting in bihar bjp refuses to die down with scene shifting to new delhi. ccording to former state bjp chief, dr c p thakur, veteran bjp leader and former state legislative council chairman tarakant jha met party’s national president rajnath singh...

jaitley demands katju's resignation, gets strong retort

new delhi, feb 17 : bjp leader arun jaitley sunday asked press council chairman markandey katju to quit, saying a person holding the post must be impartial, and drew a strong reaction from the former apex court judge who charged with him with distorting facts.

bihar govt changes surya namaskar order

patna,(bihartimes): following objections from various muslim organisations, the bihar government on saturday amended a circular to schools to “ensure attendance” of students of class iv to class vii for “surya namaskar” function to mark the 150th birth anniversary of swami vivekananda at all district headquarters on february 18.

evergreen revolution need of the hour:manglarai

patna,(bihartimes): the advisor on agriculture to chief minister agriculture roadmap 2012-17, mangla rai, said a second green revolution was not sustainable, instead the need is for evergreen revolution.

bihar minister goes against govt policy, calls for ban on liquor

patna,(bihartimes): almost six years after the implementation of the new excise policy on july 1, 2007 bihar’s health minister ashwini kumar choubey was on saturday reminded of the ill-effect caused by consuming alcohol

sushil modi seeks subsidy in diesel for bihar farmers

patna,(bihartimes): deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi on saturday strongly criticized the incremental hike in diesel prices by the centre and demanded a separate subsidy for bihar farmers in view of their overwhelming dependence on the fuel for farming. 

slight increase in bihar’s credit-deposit ratio

patna,(bihartimes): the credit deposit ratio (cdr) in bihar has reached 39.42 per cent in december 2012. this figure includes loan provided by nabard under the rural infrastructure development fund (ridf).

parween amanullah planning legal action against all encroachers 

patna,(bihartimes): after getting the park space evicted from janata dal (united) mla, anant singh, social welfare minister parveen amanullah is considering legal action against all encroachers in the patliputra colony area.

anant singh, three others granted bail in journalist assault case

patna,(bihartimes): controversial janata dal (united) mla anant singh and his three associates were on saturday granted bail by a court in patna district after they surrendered in connection with a case of alleged assault on a journalist six years ago.

'additional incentive to bihar may push state’s contribution to national gdp’

patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar said on friday that the additional incentives by centre, including special status, could push bihar’s contribution to the national gdp to 10 per cent from 2.8 per cent at present.

cm flays centre for delay in power project

patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar on friday criticized the centre for inordinate delay in grant of coal linkage for modernisation and expansion of the proposed 2x250 mw thermal power project at barauni in bihar.

nitish unveils world’s tallest statue of gandhi in patna 

patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar on friday unveiled the world’s tallest bronze statue of mahatma gandhi at north-west end of patna’s gandhi maidan.the bronze statue built at the cost of rs 10 crore was funded by the state government. with this, the parliament statue in new delhi where the father of the nation is in a meditating pose, becomes the second tallest gandhi statue with a height of 16 feet.

nitish urges asi to excavate unexplored sites

patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar on thursday urged the archaeological survey of india (asi) to excavate historical remains from several places in the state that had remained unexplored.

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lack of investors compels government to postpone sale of closed sugar mills

patna,(bihartimes): the bihar government had to once again postpone the sale of its seven closed sugar mills. this is being attributed to the lack of investors. officials said that the state government may now reinitiate the process from second half of the next financial year.

bihar minister in gujarat, to study urban development projects patna,(bihartimes): bihar’s urban development minister prem kumar is on a three-day visit to gujarat to study the state government’s urban development projects like brts, slum rehabilitation scheme, metro rail project, and affordable housing to emulate them in bihar. 

bihar government points gaps in food security bill new delhi, feb 13 : the congress-led upa government wednesday expressed hopes of passing the national food security bill in the budget session of parliament starting feb 21 even as the opposition-ruled states opposed its provisions at a meeting here.

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patna,(bihartimes): after criticizing the deputy chief minister, sushil kumar modi, for hijacking the bihar unit of the bjp and making it a pocket organization the former state unit chief dr c p thakur came down heavily on his successor mangal pandey for constituting a 174-member working committee in a “unilateral” manner without consulting core committee members.

press council report compares media censorship in nitish’s bihar with emergency
patna,(bihartimes): a three-member fact-finding team of the press council of india, which probed the censorship in bihar compared the situation with emergency. perhaps it has not exaggerated, as barring a couple of newspapers, not a single daily of patna on wednesday carried news on the release of its report...

patna,(bihartimes): the newly-appointed bihar bjp president mangal pandey on monday night announced his new team. in all 10 vice president and five state general secretaries have been named

nalanda university to get special funds in budget: khurshid

patna, feb 12 (ians) the ruins of the ancient nalanda university in bihar should be in the unesco list of world heritage sites, external affairs minister salman kuurshid said tuesday.

upsc chairman for autonomous pscs patna,(bihartimes): the chairman of the union public service commission, d p agrawal, said on monday that the agencies tasked by the constitution to deal with recruitment and management of public services should be kept independent of the political executive. 

upsc exam pattern to undergo major changes patna,(bihartimes): the examination pattern of civil services (mains) is to undergo major changes. 

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sc fumes over sex tests, female foeticide new delhi, feb 12 : the supreme court tuesday expressed its concern over the deteriorating sex ratio and chided state governments over their failure to check sex determination clinics and punish law violators fuelling female foeticide.  

not consulted on vcs re-appointment: nitish

patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar on monday said that the state government was not ‘consulted’ over the re-appointment of six vice-chancellors and four pro vice-chancellors by raj bhavan. besides, two other vcs were also appointed on saturday.

four adgs promoted to dg rank

patna,(bihartimes): the state government on monday promoted four ips officers (two each of 1979 and 1980 batch) to director general (dg) rank.

boy beaten to death by teacher, nhrc demands report

new delhi, feb 11:the nhrc monday asked bihar's director general of police to submit a report on the alleged death of a boy who was beaten by his teacher.

early to announce nda’s prime ministerial candidate: nitish

patna,(bihartimes): bihar chief minister nitish kumar on monday supported the view of janata dal (united) president, sharad yadav, that the nominee for the post of prime minister should be announced by the nda before elections and the candidate should be chosen in a meeting of all its constituents.

centre should bear the entire cost of food bill implementation, bihar cm writes to pm patna,(bihartimes): as food security bill is expected to be tabled in parliament on feb 18, chief minister nitish kumar has asked the centre to bear the entire cost of the scheme. he also called for an independent bpl commission to identify genuine beneficiaries.

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bihar village bans jeans, t-shirt for girls patna, feb 11 after three of its girls went missing, a village in bihar's siwan district has barred girls from using mobile phones and wearing jeans and t-shirts, an official said monday.

modi and mandir: hobson's choice for bjp narendra modi may have performed with aplomb at his first appearance in delhi after his election victory in gujarat, but it is too early to say whether the pitch which the chief minister made for moving to the national stage will be successful.
vhp's modi as pm chant 'objectionable': hindu priests patna, feb 11 (ians) an influential group of hindu priests monday objected to the vishwa hindu parishad (vhp) projecting gujarat chief minister narendra modi as a prime ministerial candidate in the next general election.

patliputra society leaves parween alone to lead the battle patna,(bihartimes): the showdown between social activist-turned-social welfare minister parveen amanullah and janata dal (united) mla anant singh over the issue of alleged encroachment of park in posh patliputra colony took a new turn on saturday after the acting president and two other members of the 11-member board of directors of patliputra housing cooperative society resigned from their respective posts.

nitish helping revival of monarchy in nepal?
patna,(bihartimes): if a report appearing in a british newspaper is to be believed chief minister nitish kumar could provide his helping hand to revive the dead institution of monarchy in nepal. it was on may 28, 2008 that nepal ceased to remain the lone hindu kingdom of the world and became a secular democratic republic.

shambhu nath singh (patna university vc)
raj bhavan re-appoints the same old faces as vcs patna,(bihaartimes): governor devanand konwar, in capacity of chancellor of universities, on saturday re-appointed six vice-chancellors, whose appointment was quashed by patna high court. besides he made two new appointments.

fame earning name in youth congress organizational clean-up patna,(bihartimes): foundation for advanced management of elections (fame) is an independent agency engaged by congress vice president rahul gandhi to ensure free and fair elections in the youth congress. of late it has disqualified several leaders, including engineer sanjeev singh from bihar.

rampant corruption in higher education, concedes bihar minister patna,(bihartimes): state education minister prashant kumar shahi said on saturday that he was ashamed of rampant corruption and other malpractices prevailing in higher education in the state.

bihar to focus on manufacture of electronics equipment patna,(bihartimes): the bihar government now plans to declare information technology (it) and telecom hardware manufacturing sector as the thrust area. it has now decided to give special attention to this sector.

k c tyagi elected unopposed to rajya sabha
patna,(bihartimes): senior janata dal (united) leader k c tyagi was on friday elected unopposed to the rajya sabha from bihar. he was declared elected at the end of the deadline for withdrawal of nomination as he was the sole candidate in the fray.

bihar to export organic mushrooms, vegetables  bihar will export organic mushrooms and vegetables grown by hundreds of farmers in nalanda district to japan, ukraine, saudi arabia and hungary among other countries, official said.

bihar again tops the list of vips getting police protection patna,(bihartimes): bihar is among the state with one of the highest police-citizens ratio. there is one policeman for every 1,456 citizens. only west bengal with one policeman for 1,658 citizens is ahead of it. the country’s police personnel to population ratio is 1:761.

parliament attack convict afzal guru hanged new delhi, feb 9 :parliament attack convict afzal guru was hanged saturday morning, days after president pranab mukherjee refused his mercy petition, officials said.

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protests in india as rajapaksa prays for peace

sri lankan president mahinda rajapaksa flew into india friday and prayed here at a temple site where lord buddha attained enlightenment.

people proposing me for pm not my well-wishers, says nitish

patna, feb 8: bihar chief minister nitish kumar friday said he was "pained" by leaders of his janata dal-united (jd-u) putting his name as a prime ministerial candidate, and termed such people "not my well-wishers".

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sri lankan president rajapaksa begins bihar visit amid protests bodh gaya/chennai, feb 8 (ians) sri lankan president mahinda rajapaksa flew into bodh gaya friday to pray at buddhism's holiest shrine as protests erupted in parts of india against his two-day india pilgrimage.

khurshid to visit nalanda varsity site patna, feb 7 (ians) indian external affairs minister salman kuurshid will visit the site of the upcoming nalanda university in bihar feb 11 to review the progress of work, officials said thursday.

jd(u) leader urges sharad to call national executive on pm candidate patna,(bihartimes): when former union minister and janata dal (united) leader, hari kishore singh, has demanded that nitish kumar be declared as the prime ministerial candidate of the nda, the national secretary of the party, shivraj singh, has written a letter to the party president, sharad yadav, requesting him to call the national executive meeting of the party to discuss the issue of the prime ministerial candidate of the national democratic alliance.

rapist, murderer of bihar minor awarded death sentence patna, feb 7 (ians) a bihar court thursday awarded the death penalty to a 45-year-old man for raping and killing a minor girl four years ago, a lawyer said.

half of patna’s water full of bacterial contamination

patna,(bihartimes): more than half of patna’s water is full of bacterial contamination and not fit for human consumption. against the permissible level of 100 per millilitre (ml) of faecal coliform, tests indicated an average of 5,056 per ml.

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patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar on wednesday asked businessmen to invest in bihar and announced special concession for women willing to set up industries or businesses in the state.

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woman, children set on fire for 'stealing jewellery' patna, feb 7 (ians) a 27-year-old woman is battling for her life, while her three minor children were killed after being set ablaze allegedly by her husband and in-laws on charge of stealing jewellery in a bihar village, police said here thursday.

patna high court cancels election of khagaria jd(u) mp

patna,(bihartimes): justice v n sinha of patna high court on wednesday cancelled the election of the janata dal (united) mp from khagaria, dinesh chandra yadav. 

engineers go on indefinite strike in bihar; doctors’ body support them

patna,(bihartimes): over 5,000 engineers of bihar went on indefinite strike from wednesday (feb 6) to press their charter of demands, which among other things, include introduction of central pay-scale, immediate stoppage to contractual appointments and halt to the highhandedness of bureaucrats and their interference.

bihar police dig suspended for demanding bribe patna, feb 5 (ians) the bihar government tuesday suspended senior indian police service (ips) officer alok kumar for allegedly demanding rs.10 crore from a liquor mafia, an official said.

montek, nitish discuss plan size of bihar

patna,(bihartimes): the visiting deputy chairman of the planning commission montek singh ahluwalia and chief minister nitish kumar on tuesday discussed the annual plan size of bihar for 2013-14.

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bhel bags contract for nabinagar power plant

patna,(bihartimes): state-run bharat heavy electrical limited (bhel) on tuesday said it had bagged a rs 2,854 crore contract for setting up a 1,980 mw thermal power project in bihar.

amartya sen releases book in memory of papiya ghosh patna,(bihartimes): nobel laureate amartya sen said on monday evening that it is still very early to assess the accomplishments of bihar, but the fact that it can be assessed is in itself a feat.

15 in bihar charged for boycotting dalits patna, feb 5 (ians) a case has been lodged against 15 people in bihar on charges of socially boycotting dozens of dalit families and causing them mental torture, police said tuesday.

another announcement on start of academic calendar in nalanda university patna,(bihartimes): though hardly any headway has been made in creating infrastructure the proposed nalanda international university has made yet another announcement regarding the initiation of classes.
singapore to donate library to nalanda university
nalanda university:can faculty recruitment be pattern of gopa’s appointment ?
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no special status for bihar, says ahulwalia
patna, feb 4 (ians) planning commission deputy chairman montek singh ahluwalia monday said it was not possible to grant bihar the status of a special category state but its special package can be improved.

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jd(u) nominates tainted candidate for bypoll, then replaces him with daughter-in-law patna,(bihartimes): infighting has broken out within janata dal (united) after the party nominated manju kumari as its candidate for kalyanpur sc is there fake reviews on amazon reserved assembly by election, which is to be held on february 24. 

top left leaders blast nitish’s liquor policy patna,(bihartimes): senior left party leaders have roundly criticized the nitish kumar government for corrupting the state by introducing the new excise policy, which has wreaked havoc in the society.

barc chief in alma mater, says bihar must opt for nuclear power
patna,(bihartimes): the chairman of the bhabha atomic energy commission ratan kumar sinha said on sunday that rajauli in nawada district is among four places under consideration for establishment of nuclear power plant in bihar. 

bihar govt to announce new road maintenance policy patna,(bihartimes): deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi said on sunday that a road maintenance policy would be ready for construction of new roads and upkeep of existing ones in bihar.

nitish denies giving interview to dainik bhaskar patna,(bihartimes): bihar chief minister nitish kumar on sunday denied having given interview to the hindi daily, dainik bhaskar.

bjp mla beaten up, wife molested by travelling rail employees patna,(bihartimes): bjp mla from agiaon (in bhojpur district), shivesh kumar, was allegedly assaulted and his wife molested by railway employees on board a howrah-bound train on friday evening.

bjp should talk to allies on pm candidate, says jd-u mp new delhi, feb 3 (ians) the bjp should talk to other parties in the nda to decide the alliance's prime ministerial candidate in the wake of disparate views on the issue, janata dal-united mp ali anwar ansari said sunday.

death penalty for minor's rape, killing in nine-day trial patna, feb 2 (ians) within nine days of a crime, a bihar court saturday awarded the death penalty to a man who raped and murdered a three-year-old girl, a lawyer said.

tyagi’s nomination: nitish hits several birds with one stone patna,(bihartimes): the nomination of k c tyagi as the janata dal (united) candidate for the rajya sabha by-poll is being interpreted differently within the nda. while for the first time after a long interval the party president, sharad yadav, got his man from up a ticket for the rajya sabha, the move confirms that chief minister, nitish kumar, wants to keep the former in good humour on the run-up to the lok sabha poll. 

brinda flays nitish government for not implementing bandyopadhyay commission report
patna,(bihartimes): cpm politburo member brinda karat on friday came down heavily on the nitish kumar government for what she said dumping the recommendations of the bandyopadhyay commission report.

alok kumar may be sent back to jammu and kashmir cadre patna,(bihartimes): the state police headquarters on friday sent a proposal to the home department for the suspension of former dig of saran, alok kumar.

centre approves rs 2,015 crore patna-dobhi-via bodh gaya nh patna,(bihartimes): the union government has approved rs 2,015 crores japan-assisted project for the four-laning of patna-dobhi-via bodh gaya national highway-83.

shivanand tiwari upset over repeated media question over narendra modi patna,(bihartimes): janata dal (united) spokesman and national general secretary, shivanand tiwari, on saturday lost his cool when media once again asked the question on prime ministerial candidate of the bjp.

igims director in trouble over sexual harassment case patna,(bihartimes): a team of health department officials on friday interrogated the director of indira gandhi institute of medical sciences, dr arun kumar, for two-and-a-half hours after an associate professor of nursing, rupashree dasgupta, accused him of sexual harassment.

contractual doctors’ service to be regularized: deputy cm

patna,(bihartimes): deputy chief minister-cum-finance minister, sushil kumar modi, said the state government would no longer appoint contractual doctors and was looking into the scope of regularizing the services of existing contractual doctors.

opposition parties flay anna for his silence on corruption in bihar patna,(bihartimes): political parties, barring the ruling bjp and janata dal (united), have strongly criticized the silence of anna hazare on the issue of rampant corruption and loot in bihar.

asian development bank help sought for ganga expressway patna,(bihartimes): after having failed to attract private investors under the public-private partnership mode the state government has deided to built the ganga expressway on its own. in this regard it has approached the asian development bank (adb).

eight firms keen to design nalanda university patna, feb 1 (ians) eight architectural companies, including six from abroad, have shown interest in designing the upcoming nalanda university in bihar, the vice chancellor said friday.

man arrested for harassing woman on train patna, feb 1 (ians) a senior official of a gurgaon-based telecommunication company was arrested here for harassing a woman on the delhi-patna sampoorna kranti express, police said friday.


january 2013


in patna anna questions modi govt’s corruption, not nitish’s in bihar

patna,(bihartimes): a day after the jantantra rally in patna anna hazare chose to attack the gujarat chief minister narendra modi, but not his bihar counterpart nitish kumar, though pointed questions were asked in a press conference on thursday.

team anna failed to speak out against corruption in bihar 
anna hazare rejects new lokpal bill draft
hazare announces 'jantantra morcha'
why anna holding democracy rally instead of anti- corruption rally in bihar? upa government cheating people on lokpall bill: anna
hazare to stay at jp house ahead of patna rally
iac gives one lakh gandhi caps for hazare's rally

nitish welcomes anna hazare’s movement patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar on wednesday reiterated his support to anna hazare’s movement against corruption.

pu to introduce course in the centre for buddhist studies patna,(bihartimes): a year before the nalanda international university is to start functioning the patna university will introduce a pg course in the centre for buddhist studies and research. it would start from the coming academic session in july.

aai surprised over rs 114.66 crore demand by bihar govt for 6.37 acres of land for airport patna, (bihartimes): the airports authority of india (aai) was surprised by the nitish government’s demand of whopping rs 114.66 crore for 6.37 acres of land on the western side of the patna airport as the general policy in practice across the country is that the state government gives land for expansion free of cost.


rjd chief whip in council passes away

patna,(bihartimes): the chief whip of rashtriya janata dal in bihar legislative council, ram chandra prasad, died after protracted illness at a hospital in bangalore on wednesday morning. he was 72. 

maoists free eight abducted labourers patna, jan 30 (ians) maoists wednesday released eight labourers they abducted in bihar three days ago...

cabinet approves construction of road over bridge, diet schools patna,(bihartimes): to ease traffic congestion in patna the state cabinet on tuesday gave its nod for construction of a road over-bridge (rob) from mithapur roundabout to the chiraiyatand bridge. the rob will be built on the northern side of patna junction.

cabinet nod to three-fold increase in holding tax of commercial establishments patna,(bihartimes): the state cabinet on monday announced three-fold increase on existing holding tax of commercial establishments like hotel bar, restaurant, marriage halls, health clubs, gymnasium spread over more than 250 square feet of area. this would be the first such hike in two decades.

hc suspends warrant against raj thackery new delhi, jan 30 (ians) the delhi high court wednesday suspended a non-bailable warrant (nbw) against maharashtra navnirman sena (mns) chief raj thackery on two complaints lodged for alleged hate speeches he made against the people of bihar.

tractor kills three children patna, jan 30 (ians) three children were killed wednesday when a speeding tractor rammed into a school building in bihar's aurangabad district, police said.

at macro level nda might have edge, at micro level it is down in the dump the sour truth is that both the upa and nda are in precarious position and are, at present, not at all prepared for the 2014 lok sabha election. instead it seems that the regional satraps belonging to the notional third, fourth––or whatever front––may hold the key.

more voices in bjp for modi as pm candidate new delhi/mumbai/patna, jan 29 :voices continued to arise within the bjp tuesday for making gujarat chief minister narendra modi the party's prime ministerial candidate. but ally shiv sena said it preferred sushma swaraj for the role.

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sinha pitches for modi as pm candidate, bjp says decision later

new delhi, jan 28 (ians) former union minister yashwant sinha monday backed gujarat chief minister narendra modi for the bjp's prime ministerial candidate but the party said that a decision will come "at an appropriate time" and a key ally said they would comment when it was official.

bihar govt's list for padma awards overlooked as it reached centre late

patna,(bihartimes): thanks to late arrival of name in the centre like several times in the recent past this year too the centre did not consider any recommendation of the state government for padma shri awards on the occasion of republic day.

jd-u reacts cautiously to sinha's remarks

patna, jan 28 (ians) ruling janata dal (united) party leaders in bihar monday said they would only react to the choice of prime ministerial candidate by the bharatiya janata party once an official announcement was made by that party.

sheikhpura sp shifted after charge of barbaric torture of accused

patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar has ordered the transfer of the superintendent of police, sheikhpura, babu ram, after the director general of police on sunday ordered a probe into the alleged inhuman treatment and torture of a 30-year old man mukesh kumar, who used to work in a liquor shop in a village.

cm orders probe into torture incident

modi discusses 2014 polls with bjp chief, signals national role

new delhi, jan 27 (ians) gujarat chief minister narendra modi, a top contender as the bjp's prime ministerial nominee for the 2014 general elections, met the party's new president rajnath singh sunday and held "detailed discussions" signifying his increasing national role.

‘imported’ officers in the news not for all good reasons patna,(bihartimes): alok kumar is not the only officer of a different cadre, who is in the news for all the wrong reasons, in bihar in the recent years

maoists abduct eight labourers from bihar village patna,(bihartimes): maoists on saturday night abducted eight persons engaged in a bridge construction in a village in jamui district of bihar.

has the survey forgotten prime ministerial candidate nitish kumar? patna,(bihartimes): the recent pre-poll survey showing the nda, with narendra modi as prime ministerial candidate, much ahead of upa is being taken with a pinch of salt by independent political analysts as at present the real nda does not exist.

us-based linguist discovers a new dialect in bihar washington, jan 28 (ians) a us based indian linguist claims to have discovered a new dialect spoken by the minority musilm community in some districts of bihar that has no written record or name.

indian women: either too fat or too thin new delhi, jan 27 women in india are facing a severe problem of weight extremes with the obese getting fatter and the undernourished thinner, according to a new study that says this poses a "major challenge" to the government which should frame policies to address these health issues.

amid fog and icy winds, bihar marks r-day

patna, jan 26 (ians) ignoring a dense fog and icy winds, hundreds of thousands across bihar celebrated india's 64th republic day saturday.

liquor representative who dared dig alok kumar now fears for his life patna,(bihartimes): tunnaji pandey, the representative of the liquor firm who accused the then dig (saran), alok kumar, of demanding rs 10 crore from him is now fearing for his and his family’s life.

corrupt from sc/sts, obcs, says ashis nandy

jaipur, jan 26 : social scientist ashis nandy stirred up a row at jaipur literature festival saturday, saying most of the corrupt in the country were people from the other backwards classes (obc), the scheduled castes (scs) and the scheduled tribes (sts).

bjp's 'galaxy' - more liability than asset for all of bharatiya janata party (bjp) leader arun jaitley's claim that his party has a "galaxy" of leaders, it has had to fall back on an old and controversial warhorse, rajnath singh, for the second time to be the party chief.

patriotic song 'ae mere watan ke logon" turns 50

mumbai, jan 25 it is a song that is sung on every patriotic occasion, had moved india's first prime minister, jawaharlal nehru, to tears and its strong morale-boosting words provided solace to a nation agonized by the defeat in the 1962 india-china war.

padma bhushan for dravid, mary kom new delhi, jan 25 (ians) former india cricketer rahul dravid and london olympics bronze medalist boxer m.c. mary kom were friday named for the padma bhushan, india's third highest civilian award while six other sportspersons were been named in the list of padma shri awardees.

sri lankan president to visit bodh gaya patna, jan 26 (ians) sri lankan president mahinda rajapaksa will visit bodh gaya in bihar feb 8 to pray at the site where lord buddha attained enlightenment, an official said saturday.

a week later alok kumar not yet suspended patna,(bihartimes): about a week has passed since the news was broken that the dig saran, alok kumar, had demanded rs 10 crore from a liquor manufacturer of up. it was a top police official who disclosed the media this fact after a preliminary investigation.

bihar govt’s 75% attendance order sparks violence

patna,(bihartimes): even as high school students, in many cases girls, are up in arms against various school managements, the state government is firm on its stand on 75 per cent attendance for claiming money for bicycles, uniforms and scholarship.

soon, bihar prisoners to get multi-purpose smart card

patna, jan 25: bihar will issue a multi-purpose smart card -- a first of its kind in the country -- to more than 33,000 prisoners in its 56 jails...

only four bihar legislators declare assets patna, jan 25 (ians) only four legislators in bihar have declared their assets for 2012, more than three weeks after the end of deadline.

melinda calls on nitish, cm presents sari patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar said on thursday that bihar government would open a plus two school in every panchayat in the state to encourage education, particularly among girls.

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sushil modi stoops to conquer narendra modi’s acolytes
patna,(bihartimes): though the deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi is not rated on par with the gujarat chief minister, narendra modi, there is no doubt that he has made his marks in the bihar politics.

nitish comes out in support of rss, blasts shinde

patna,(bihartimes): contradicting his own party’s national spokesman, shivanand tiwari, bihar chief minister nitish kumar on wednesday came out strongly in support of rss and bjp.

life term for rapists, no death penalty, says verma panel

new delhi, jan 23 (ians) life imprisonment for gang-rape, but no death penalty even if the victim dies or is reduced to a vegetative state, were among the recommendations of the justice j.s. verma panel wednesday.

does rajnath singh have a magic potion for bjp ?

lucknow, jan 23 (ians) does rajnath singh, a physics lecturer-turned-politician now in his second innings as the bjp president, carry the magical potion for his party ahead of the lok sabha polls?

alok kumar, senthil, ansuiya and the annual declaration of property patna,(bihartimes): the news that fir would be lodged against dig saran, alok kumar, following his alleged demand of rs 10 crore from a liquor manufacturer has come as a big surprise as the ips officer was till recently considered as a blue eyed boy of none else but the chief minister, nitish kumar.

bihar wants rs.34,000-crore plan size for 2013-14

death penalty for murder, rape of bihar minor

post of cultural advisor gets cabinet nod

excise duty on liquor increased in bihar

marine training institute seeks land in bihar

rajnath singh is new bjp president

sushil modi lashes out at shinde

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nia arrests indian mujahideen operative from darbhanga

influx of patients from bihar a problem: mamata

alok kumar not yet suspended, but brought to police headquarters

former minister ramashray prasad singh cremated

rs by-election for seat vacated by upendra kushwaha to be held on feb 14

shivanand tiwari once again rubs salt into bjp’s wound, backs shinde’s statement

rjd mlc badshah prasad azad passes away

bihar government agency to construct ganga expressway

bihar's tilkut makers' global dreams

congress’s ‘special status’ to wean jd(u) away from bjp?

iit students to coach students in maoist hit villages

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work for secular government in 2014: lalu prasad  

former bihar minister ramashray prasad singh passes away

cm holds centre responsible for bihar’s backwardness

rahul gandhi new congress vice president, will be party's face in 2014

india drub england, take 2-1 series lead

winning was of utmost importance: dhoni

manjrekar lauds new ranchi stadium

no rift with jd-u: bjp

narendra modi praised, nitish targeted at bjp state council meeting

man held for sexual harassment of philipphine woman

mangal pandey appointed bihar bjp chief

passenger shot dead during train robbery in bihar

lalu prasad reveals delhi gang-rape victim's name

 bjp protests non-dissolution of jharkhand assembly

cabinet recommends president's rule in jharkhand

176 mgnrega employees dismissed in bihar

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mangal pandey to take over as new bjp state unit chief on friday

bjp’s infighting takes ugly turn as workers protest arrival of centeral leaders

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sushil modi urges centre to revisit parameters for special status

assault on mla: arrest order against five junior doctors of gaya

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awadh bihari chaudhary, indradev bhagat join janata dal (united)

dig disagrees with ssp on bhagalpur gangrape, murder case

governor sends names of six existing vcs to state govt

presidential nod to amu centre in bihar

doctors strike called off in bihar

at last patna airport gets 6.37 acre of land from bihar govt

bihar gets krishi karman award 

has nda government in bihar failed to deliver?

budget session of bihar assembly to start from feb 18

problem of counterfeiting has increased: sushil modi

govt sanctions proposal for construction of approach roads in 54,103 tolas

special status: jd(u) rally in delhi on march 17

indian farmers better than scientists: nobel laureate joseph stiglitz

fight for state bjp chief: it is between namo and sumo

patna (bihartimes) : even as a senior party mla avinish singh has openly raised a banner of revolt the central bjp leadership is caught in a bind over the choice of new state unit party president.

now bhagalpur police says no gangrape, woman committed suicide

joseph stiglitz redefines capitalism as fear of fdi stares india

women killed, three injured in stampede over blanket distribution at jd(u) mla’s house

'included nalanda university in unesco list'

national research centre for maize in katihar soon: tariq anwar

bitter cold hits tussar silk production

faculty hiring would start from this year: niu vc

killing of indian soldiers unpardonable: army chief

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mob vandalizes private hospital in patna

agriculture sector needs lot to be done: experts 

bihar govt to organise foodgrains day 

75 ias officers shifted in a major shake-up 

75 ias officers shifted in a major shake-up

it notice to jd(u) on adhikar rally 

net clearance must for appointment of lecturers in bihar

maoists implant bomb inside dead crpf trooper's stomach

union cabinet approves patna-gaya-dobhi four-lane highway project

25 killed as truck overturns in bihar

train fares hiked across the board for first time in 10 years

sharad distances himself from shivanand tiwari’s remarks

bihar towns reel in coldest yet temperatures

sparrow to be declared state bird: nitish

case filed against asaram bapu in muzaffarpur cjm court

patna records lowest ever of 1.1 degrees

anti-bihari utterances: raj trying to score over uddhav

indian soldiers killed in 'inhuman' manner: antony

union cabinet likely to consider patna-bodh gaya national highway project

urban local bodies can now collect taxes on its own

rupam pathak granted bail by patna high court

two years of rupam pathak case, rape accused yet unpunished

26 die of cold wave in bihar

jharkhand cabinet recommends dissolution of assembly

icds eludes mahadalit hamlets in bihar: survey

polio hit girl slashes her hand before cm

west champaran cjm orders registration of case against raj thackeray

jmm ends support, bjp government totters

bhagwat, owaisi two sides of coin, says jd-u leader; bjp protests

sc notice on habeas corpus petition for kidnapped girl

asaram says rape victim should have begged, gets flak

cold weather claims 26 lives in bihar

govt cold as people shivers in bihar

lalu blasts mohan bhagwat, raj thackeray for remarks on rape

mauritius president turns emotional on visiting ancestral village

raj thackeray, rss chief flayed for remarks

all these rapists are from bihar: raj thackeray

raj thackeray kicks up row with 'bihari rapists' statement

mauritius president in bihar to visit ancestral village

toll rises to 11 in bihar hooch tragedy

five labourers die in bihar accident

ram vilas kicks off bihar bachao yatra with oust nitish slogan

villagers to gift soil to mauritius president

chiraiyatand railway overbridge develops crack

ten more die in hooch tragedy in bihar

three-day buddhist convention starts in patna

dalai lama calls for promoting self-discipline

hasan ali in judicial custody in passport case

plan panel virtually rejects special category status to bihar, says it gets special package

rss chief blames 'westernization' for rape, sparks row

rape victim's friend speaks on tv, case filed against zee

woman critical after jumping off train to escape rape bid

dalai lama in bihar for buddhist meet

braving cold and illness - outside aiims

chargesheet filed in delhi gang-rape

india needs a 'evergreen revolution': m.s. swaminathan

molested woman critical after jumping from train

another bihar panchayat bans cell phones for girls

purve all set to be re-elected as rjd bihar unit chief

patna hc stops appointment of untrained teachers, asks govt to refund fees

chief secretary’s directive on crackdown on liquor mafia

nitish writes to planning commission for coal linkage .

ram vilas seeks manmohan’s intervention to check big rise in rape cases in bihar

hc asks bihar govt why university teachers pay not revised

bihar ministers richer than nitish kumar

bihar panchayat bans mobile phones in school

four die after consuming spurious liquor on new year’s eve

two more accused held in bihar gang-rape

bihar sacks 251 rural job scheme officials for graft

mnrega irregularities: two job-cards to 20 lakh labourers in bihar

state government shifts attention towards manufacturing sector

three years after sc order state govt yet to provide shelters to homeless

another case of rape ‘victim’ retracting in bihar

mauritius president to visit bihar on january 6 to trace his origin

sweet gift from sudha for delhiites from new year’s day

bright sunny day for bihar on new year

december 2012

even after cremation, protests rage on in delhi

bjp slams congress over gang-rape victim's quiet cremation

east champaran blooming with flowers

three raped in bihar

joint venture formed to tone up power transmission system

state human rights commission directs police to apologize to citizens

election for bihar bjp president postponed

student gang-raped in bihar, two held

gang-rape victim cremated in delhi

un chief mourns indian gang-rape victim's death

rape victim dies in singapore, an entire nation mourns

13 days that stopped a nation

dikshit booed at jantar mantar

jaya bachchan weeps for dead gang-rape victim

indian math genius ramanujan's theory finally proved right

bihar marchers demand death for rapists

bihar opposes national water policy, 2012

thick fog throws train, air service out of gear in bihar

jd(u) mla’s husband held on her complaint of trying to kill son

supreme court seeks case diary in rajvanshi nagar gang-rape case of patna

bihar gang-rape accused held

recover child sold to nepalese couple: bihar rights body

gang-rape victim extremely critical, has brain injury

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bihar bjp minister blasts nitish for not congratulating narendra modi

nitish govt distributing fake companies’ radio : lalu

12-year-old gang-raped in bihar

cold claims 11 more lives in bihar, toll touches 18

gangrape victim flown to singapore for treatment

nitish calls on chidambaram a day ahead of ndc meeting

bihar expects over 1 million foreign tourists

18 doctors sacked in bihar

slow disposal of rape, sexual harassment cases in bihar

delhi with fewer farmers draw much more bank loan than bihar

cold wave kills seven in bihar

mukhiya by-poll turns gory as acid poured into eyes of two

innocent bihari labourer mistaken for thief in kerala

cabinet nod for tripartite mou for transfer of buxar power plant

martial art training for girls will deter molesters: nitish

‘buying asbestos is buying cancer’

“easy to comment on rapes in delhi, but not in bihar”

revenge is wild justice, but being mild sometimes do not pay

rapists to be tried like terrorists: jagannath mishra

pakistan whips india by five wickets in first t20 thriller

nitish for fast track courts to try rape victims

pm promises women's safety, rape victim critical

gang-rape victim's condition worsens: doctors

gang-rape protests shift to jantar mantar

kalam prays for rape victim's recovery

gang-rape: christians for low-key christmas

land fraud case: jehanabad court frames charges against minority commission chief

first batch convocation: kalam calls iit-patna to partner in bihar’s growth

buddhist tourism gets new push in india

gang-rape protests turn violent, scores injured

fury over rape turns india gate into battle zone

tendulkar ends his fairytale journey in odis

bihar media’s double standards over gang-rape stories

missing girl's family seeks president help

nitish appreciates chidambaram’s view on special category status

five eve teasers lynched in jharkhand

delhi rape: raisina hill turns battle zone as india demands justice

nitish taking ‘revenge’ from narendra modi

gang rape victim's condition better, optimistic about future : doctors

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special category status issue would be raised in ndc: nitish

bihar begins process to seize liquor mafia property

revived nalanda varsity invites global architects for its buildings

nitish mum over narendra modi’s victory

special plan for bihar to provide substantial central support: rs told

sushil modi congratulated gujarat cm a day ahead of result

509 out of 524 middle schools in araria have no headmaster

gang-rape accused show no remorse: cops

gujarat picks modi again, himachal goes to congress

modi as pm? opinions in bjp differ

saket police team raids bihar village in delhi gang-rape case

honda car makes inroads to bihar

bjp leads in gujarat, says it will win

congress leads over bjp in himachal

bihar's shilpa singh loses miss universe title

olivia culpo crowned miss universe 2012
shilpa singh enters top 16 at miss universe 2012

hindu priest kills himself

after economists, now top bihar officials question state’s growth rate claim

main accused in patna triple murder case escapes to canada

eight year old gangraped, killed in bihar

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rita singh elected first woman president of federation of indian associations

lalu prasad irks meira kumar

father for death sentence for his son in bihar

gang-rape victim still critical, india cries for justice

bihar girl representing india in miss universe contest

mla’s brother surrenders in gaya hooch case

bihar cadre ips appointed as osd in national security council

itc starts building milk processing plant in bihar

nda's pm candidate should be from bjp: nitish kumar

war-weary british troops to visit bodh gaya for meditation

nitish applauds kunal, inaugurates ma shyama janaki mithila bhawan

rajya sabha passes promotion quota bill

modi sweep forecast as gujarat polling ends

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woman, two daughters found murdered in posh patna locality

hooch tragedy: case filed against nitish, bihar excise minister

fogged in mystery: nitish-mamata meet could not be materialised in kolkata

social welfare dept returns rs 218.17 crore after failing to build anganwadi centres

bihar cm backs quota in promotion for sc/st employees

strike to protest hooch deaths draws mixed response

cefs moves sc to seek cbi probe into mnrega scam in bihar

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bihar mukhiyas leave pajeros for real horse power

another village head shot dead in bihar

poor states should come together to demand special status: nitish

bihar to recruit 80,000 volunteers for surveys

gaya hooch tragedy: police raids house of rjd mla’s brother

bihar concedes slow implementation under jnnurm, but contests fund utilisation charge

kfc outlet in patna sealed

35 school children taken ill after having mid-day meal in jehanabad

taliban-linked afghan jailed for three years in bihar

quota politics: chaos in parliament

27 maoists surrender in bihar

aisf emerged as a big winner in patna university students’ union election

amu land row: arrest warrant against bihar sc/st commission chief

property of absconding murder accused attached

fodder scam: petition against nitish, shivanand rejected

not a single project under jnnurm completed: minister tells lok sabha

sikki grass crafts of bihar to be showcased on republic day parade in delhi

no relief for mulayam, akhilesh in disproportionate assets case

cabinet nod to amendments in bihar eminent sportsperson appointment rules 2012

bihar to bring speech recognition technology to jails

conviction rate low in vigilance cases

number of tourists in bihar witnesses sharp increase

efforts on to construct reservoirs in north bihar

election panel disapproves of moily's lpg remarktea lowers odds of ovarian cancer?

three more deaths due to spurious liquor in bihar, toll 10

bihar’s classic double standards on excise policy

raj bhawan asks bihar vcs to function till further order

cooking gas subsidy cap likely to be raised to 9 cylinders: moily

nitish seeks enquiry into walmart lobbying case

bihar has the highest number of freedom fighter pensioners

bhoomipujan on amu land: cm warns trouble-makers

spurious liquor kills seven in bihar

four bihar officials in ed net for money laundering

bihar gets web ratna award for public grievance website

bihar provided 3rd most soldiers, pondicherry none

supreme court convicts former chief secretary g s kang

nitish writes to pm, seeks special status once again

foodgrains worth rs 305 crore siphoned off in bihar

jd-u mp kushwaha resigns from rajya sabha, party

jmm dares bjp to quit government

bihar liquor tragedy toll rises to 26

bihar police officer removed from election duty in gujarat for reporting against narendra modi

bihar hooch tragedy claims 18 lives

man beaten to death by nieces

khadi to be promoted as designer wear

nitish meets pm on coal linkage for barauni power plant

appointment of six vcs, four pro-vcs cancelled in bihar

ed lodges fir against senthil kumar

fdi: government's victory margin 21 in rajya sabha

anna hazare stable in icu, say doctors

bihar accounts for 1.34 per cent of total renewable power distribution in india

manoj tiwari to start film on sher shah suri in 2013

fdi will help farmers: paswan

nitish takes u-turn, asks why so obsessed with narendra modi?

seven die after consuming spurious liquor

jailed gangster visits home, 8 cops suspended

nitish welcomes fdi in infrastructure sector, not in retail

violation of apartments building rules to be probed: sushil modi

with help from rivals sp, bsp, upa-ii wins fdi vote

lok sabha disrupted over lalu's remarks

pag confirms large scale irregularities in mnrega

govt dismisses six bdos for irregularities in indira awas yojna

rjd demands p k shahi’s resignation following adverse comment by high court

bihar's opposition walks out of assembly over chhath stampede

nalanda university shifts headquarters, in new delhi

reconsider fdi decision, jd-u tells government

missing girl's parents demand cbi probe

pag detects fraud in use of railway travel coupns by bihar legislators

bihar to become self-sufficient in power by 2015: minister

atr on mnrega scam report to be available on website by dec-end: govt

rjd continues protest over ‘rs 6,000 crore mnrega scam’

so far six lakh radios distributed among mahadalits in bihar, claims minister

opposition, allies slam fdi; government confident of winning vote

sc dismisses plea for reviewing its order in ln mishra case

sarpanch, nine others accused of lynching bihar woman

bihar blames nhai for poor condition of national highways

bihar's opposition walks out of assembly over graft

bihar govt question cefs motive, rejects cbi probe into rs 6,000 crore ‘mnrega scam’

big jump in earning through vat on jewellery in bihar

bihar minister nitish mishra caught in a time-warp

bihar village bans women from using mobiles

up, bihar send largest number of workers abroad, especially gulf

nitish should clarify his stand after sushma, advani statements on narendra modi: lalu

ranjit sinha takes over as new cbi chief

after polio, bihar targets eradication of measles

now, website opened to save george orwell's house

mnrega scam ignored despite repeated letters to govt

bihar has second highest number of poor in the country

big jump in rice production in bihar, other eastern states

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dalai lama to open buddhist meet in patna

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i.k. gujral, former prime minister, is dead

gujral: gentleman politician who sought peace with neighbours

teacher commits suicide over no salary

sustaining bihar's economic growth a challenge: sushil modi patna, nov 29 (ians) a day after a planning commission report revealed bihar had a 21.9 percent economic growth rate, state deputy chief minister sushil kumar modi thursday said it was a big challenge to sustain such a high rate.
bihar’s growth third in india during 11th plan

bihar assembly pays tribute to bal thackeray, kurien

with husband's ok, wife marries lover!

lalu thinks foreign policy honour for nitish a publicity stunt

bihar increases entry tax on coal, other goods

mahabodhi temple plans hospital, medical college

nothing new about direct cash transfer: nitish kumar

bihar to pay mgnrega wages through banks

sonepur mela inaugurated

live coverage of proceedings of bihar assembly from coming session

bihar’s classic double standards on excise policy

patna, (bihartimes) : it is a classic case of policy doublespeak in bihar. firstly on july 1, 2007 the nitish government, notwithstanding strong opposition, introduced the new excise policy, which helped the state increase its excise revenue from rs 329 crore in 2005-06 to rs 2,045 crore in 2011-12.

two zee news journalists held for extortion

finally, a potential vaccine against kala azar

nitish kumar features on foreign policy's thinkers' list
bihar govt. orders probe into 6000 crore mgnregs scam  

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bjp’s doublespeak on ranjit sinha’s appointment confuses rank and file

another blow to bjp as nitish backs appointment of new cbi director

bihar connection behind bjp’s opposition to ranjit sinha’s appointment as cbi director

> pm declines to keep cbi chief appointment on hold  
> bjp asks pm to withhold cbi director appointment 
> bjp insinuation on cbi chief wholly unwarranted: pm
> bihar cadre ips ranjit sinha to be new cbi director

'mosquito god' worshipped to ward off dengue

bjp suspends ram jethmalani

sc raps bihar for dragging teachers to courts

bjp cautions jethmalani, shatrughan joins oust gadkari chorus

where hindus join shias to mourn imam hussain

central universities (amendment) bill, 2012 to be introduced in parliament

nitish raises special status demand for the first time after adhikar rally

lathi mahotsav organized to celebrate gifting of stick to gandhiji

sonalika tractors to invest rs 100 crore in bihar

less advertisements to newspapers on seventh anniversary of nitish govt

nitish promises road link to 1,000 rural clusters

a 'pakistan' where kasab's hanging was celebrated

a k chauhan new labour secretary of bihar

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new delhi (bihartimes)with tenure of its governing board ending tonight, the nalanda university is likely to plunge into a legal crisis. any further action by the ministry of external affairs to prolong its life will be perceived as mala fide action. prof. amartya sen and dr. gopa sabharwal, chancellor and vice chancellor respectively, would survive the termination being vested with independent tenures. but the legality of their selection & appointment being doubtful, there will be little comfort for them either in the long run.

350-bed cancer hospital in bihar

91,239 teachers to be appointed by bihar government

bihar to rebuild schools damaged by maoists

mutilated body of missing bit mesra student found

five firms interested to develop bodh gaya temple

women groups to protest before cm against liquor policy

slogans mar nitish’s first public meeting in patna after chhath tragedy

nitish kumar named for negligence in chhath stampede

bihar stations, trains see heavy rush after chhath

bihar to provide free food supplement to tb patients

lack of access to electricity preventing people from buying fans, tvs etc in bihar, up: study

maitreya project now to come up in bodh gaya

nitish likely to attend eastern zonal council meet in bhubaneswar

chhath tragedy: open court to record statement of witnesses

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police diverted to nitish’s security at the time of chhath tragedy:paswan

noted patna physician presents paper on insulin degludec in london

four years after 26/11, kasab hanged and buried in pune jail

kins of bihar victims of mumbai terror attack happy

sun-god will punish nitish if does not resign: lalu

bjp disapproves of yashwant sinha's remarks on gadkari

bihar bjp cancels stir against fdi

child’s body yet to be handed over as pmch authorities lost morgue’s keys

patna chhath-day tragedy: but what is left to probe?

nitish kumar cancels dinner after deaths in stampede

millions pray to sun to mark end of chhath

20 killed in patna stampede during chhath

stampede and not bridge collapse cause of tragedy: nitish

police lathi-charge as people protest absence of doctors in pmch

lalu calls for nitish’s resignation

muslim convict observes chhath in bihar jail

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beur jail to auction 700 mobile phones

four-day chhath festival begins

mps form forum to help improve child survival

du student commits suicide in hostel room

muslims aid hindu temple construction in bihar

bihar prepares for chhath

nitish returns to india, calls for better ties between two countries

gujarat jd (u) claims bihar safer than narendra modi-ruled state

nitish visits gurdwara dera sahib, govt college in lahore

pm, cm name should not be projected before election: lalu

perform, do not just reform: venkaiah naidu

nitish draws parallel between nalanda and taxila, meets imran khan

aryabhatta knowledge university vc seeks security on campus

'mountain man' one my toughest roles so far: nawazuddin

bhatt hails 'mango girls' for focusing on rural women

dikshit calls for more trains for chhat puja

c p thakur flays narendra modi for remarks on tharoor’s wife

toxicswatch alliance seeks govt attention on biharis working in alang shipbreaking yards

protests in patna over filthy chhath ghats

witch branding: bihar panchayat to impose fines

pak president hosts special diwali dinner for bihar cm

nitish, lalu crackers missing this diwali

poster row with amitabh bachchan over

nitish visits mohenjodaro, sadho belo temple

good business on dhanteras day in patna, other places

big b upset with bihar police

lalu uppers the ante

post-rally debate: seeking more adhikar for state or one’s own-self

dclr arresteded for taking bribe in gaya

bihar govt lifts ban on deposit from seven out of 14 banks

arvind kejriwal an agent of america, says lalu

hazare announces new team, anti-corruption campaign

'aakash' maker among forbes' 15 classroom revolutionaries

bihar legislator arrested in nepal

nitish overwhelmed by hospitality in pakistan

bihar excise sub inspector result 2012 declared: check results

sindh cm receives nitish in karachi

cpi ml rally renders jd(u) leaders speechless, clueless

nitish, another bihari on way to jinnah’s karachi

cpi-ml calls for 'third alternative'

patna high court dismisses senthil’s writ petition

life term to one more for killing ex-jnu student leader

cops preparing database of foreign monasteries in bodh gaya

bihar seventh in the country to attract foreign tourists

raids conducted on milk market, namkeen unit on the eve of diwali

(exclusive) jehanabad villager taking anna hazare’s battle back to village

jharkhand leaders visit bihar's violence-hit village

cpi-ml opposes nuclear power plant in bihar

lalu accuses nitish of misusing centrally-sponsored funds

saharsa dig, madhepura sp summoned by bihar human rights commission

lalu assures regularisation of service of contractual teachers

panchayat in madhepura imposes ban on liquor, gambling

nitish on goodwill visit to pakistan from friday

nitish to visit jinnah’s tomb, gurudwara dera saheb

one more convicted in bihar for student leader chandrasekhar's murder

special state demand gains momentum in jharkhand 

no caste bar for cm, says lalu prasad

sushil modi speaks in favour of special status for bihar

purnea-patna air service restored after 34 years

as dengue rages on, bihar scrambles for fogging machines

vidya balan to visit west champaran on sanitation mission

20 million bihar students pledge not to use tobacco

kids banned for dirty school dress: bihar orders probe

taslimiddin quits nitish's jd-u, joins lalu's rjd

after opposing till sc, bihar now supports centre’s stand on common entrance medical test

nitish kumar to lobby for bihar's 'special status

girl dies as molester jumps off the train with her

3,213 train tickets from patna cancelled due to adhikar rally

police arrests mukhiya for making calls threatening to blow up mahabodhi temple

285 confirmed cases of dengue in patna district

modi does not talk politics, but advani praises nitish govt

comfed keen to supply milk to delhi 

bihar born indian-american in the race for us congress

'adhikar rally website a big success' 

national seminar on “transforming bihar: challenges and innovations” in patna

bihar issues show cause notice to officials for laxity

kudumbasree to train bihar men and women as entrepreneurs

over 500 pigeons drop dead in bihar village

miscreants vandalize mahatma gandhi’s statue at motihari station

adhikar rally proves too costly as thousands of ssc candidates miss exam

three santhals shot dead in purnea

gadkari in fresh row; jethmalani quits bjp national executive

nitish kumar demands special status for backward bihar

sharad contradicts himself, nitish avoids lalu, ram vilas

modi pays tribute to kailashpati mishra in patna

in fact it was adhikari rally: lalu

govt declares one-day state mourning in honour of kailashpati mishra

will get parliament nod for lokpal bill: rahul gandhi

patna doctor's money moved to romney account?

former congress minister aditya singh passes away

narendra modi, advani to be in patna on sunday to pay condolence to kailashpati mishra

bhishmapitamah of bihar bjp kailashpati mishra dies at 86

deadlock persists as talks with contractual teachers end without any result

adhikar rally to be available live on the net

police finds no proof of rape against former state ima chief

bihar jd(u) mla accuses husband of poisoning son

confiscated house to be school for physically challenged

using gods’ images to save trees

thousands of contract teachers march in patna

jailed ex-mla goes all out to support nitish's rally

bihar districts in grip of dengue as administration busy in adhikar rally

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many, a strong support leader we can't take a "The last few to continue to fight to

rjd takes strong exception to the use of language by nitish

nit girl student jump from ganga bridge, dies

id proof must for all rail passengers dec 1 onwards

kejriwal asks farrukhabad people to dismiss khurshid 

swamy targets sonia, rahul; rahul threatens action

ahead of nitish rally, boom time for transporters

power sector reforms begin in bihar

ljp leader shot dead in bihar

would knock out the opponents once again: nitish

munna shukla and ranvir yadav: a tale of two mlas’ husbands 

adhikar rally only exposes nitish’s failures: tariq anwar

‘cong to go it alone in future elections in bihar’

bhoomi pujan for beer making firm in bikram!

bihar to launch drive against sale of gutka


october 2012

pavan varma resigns as envoy to bhutan, joining jd-u

woman branded witch, nose chopped off in bihar

nitish angry with jd-u buntings ahead of rally

patna turns green on adhikar rally eve

pmc doubles holding tax

students protest police inaction in tracing abducted girl

another sugar incentive policy to be announced soon

rift between bjp, jd-u surfaces again over narendra modi

special task force to guard bodh gaya temple

sharp rise in rural consumption in bihar

patna,(bihartimes): as elsewhere in the country so in bihar the rural consumption has witnessed a boom in recent years.  surge in rural wages, thanks to schemes like mnrega and more focus on rural sector by the central government are being attributed to this rise in rural consumption.

gujarat polls may determine who is a better candidate from nda to be next pm: c p thakur

bjp team leaves for gujarat

bihar to develop places associated with aryabhata’s works

special status would open floodgate for loot, corruption in bihar: dipankar

case of extortion lodged against munna shukla

patna,(bihartimes): a case of extortion has been lodged against the former janata dal (united) mla, munna shukla, in hajipur. shukla is the husband of the janata dal (united) mla from lalganj, annu shukla. at present he is in muzaffarpur jail as he has been convicted in the former minister braj bihari prasad murder case.

manmohan government goes for major facelift; khurshid is foreign minister

sugar mill-owners keep their fingers crossed over meet eve

bihar to develop places associated with aryabhata’s works

sharp rise in rural consumption in bihar

bjp team leaves for gujarat

janata dal (united) mla dies of heart attack

ambika soni, subodh kant sahai resign too

will not be going to gujarat for campaign, says nitish

gadkari issue internal matter of bjp, says bihar cm

salman bashir refuses to comment on kasab’s mercy plea

ganga pathway project abandoned

land identified for central power project in bihar

congress, bjp on a level playing field of corruption

sharad yadav absent from hoardings of jd(u)’s adhikar rally

salman bashir meets nitish kumar

bihar sounds dengue alert

village heads in bihar seek bodyguards

jindal accuses zee news of rs.100 crore blackmail

idols' immersion poses threat to ganges

trip to pakistan: nitish to go beyond gujarat on election eve

comedian jaspal bhatti dies in road accident

'chakravyuh' resolutely etched, firmly grounded drama

where muslims help hindus celebrate durga puja

why can't we contain japanese encephalitis?

madhepura sp injured in accident

acid thrown on sisters in patna village

centre asks nitish to head anti-maoist command

lalu celebrates durga puja with 'launda nach'

tariq anwar to replace agatha sangma in union cabinet

police to question fasih mahmood for 10 days 

another seemanchal leader flays nitish

fasih mahmood's wife to challenge his arrest

purnea to be on air map of the country from nov 7

myanmar airlines to launch flights to bihar

saudi-deported terror suspect arrested in delhi

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nitish praises shri babu’s contributions

jackie shroff to lead ‘bitiya bachao andolan’

cong mla accidentally falls into river from bridge, rescued

bihar cm orders crack down on those involved in power theft

22 arrested in ssc exam question leak case

bihar to revive gandhian schools

narendra modi rings up c p thakur to invite him to gujarat

railways not neglecting bihar: minister of state

cbi court dismisses petition against nitish, shivanand

yash chopra's filmography; 'silsila' of his creative journey

'king of romance' yash chopra passes away

kejriwal dares pm, sonia to debate corruption, congress dismissive

president mukherjee conducts mahasaptami rituals at home village

two bihar ministers to go to campaign in gujarat 

nitish equates katju with kalnemi, claims bihar is progressing

reports of bihari leaders not to campaign in gujarat baseless: bjp

dengue kills two in bihar

the girl who fled from madhubani with prashat escorted to grandmother’s home

rape victim threatens self-immolation in bihar

thackeray lauds narendra modi for barring bihari leaders

katju flays nitish, asks him to make introspection

not a single bidder turned up for ganga driveway project, once again

health dept to probe medical councils, boards: minister

bihar violence: missing youth brought before court

bihar contractual teachers’ body flays education minister on salary

police seize ammunition from maoist hideout

now sharad pawar faces flak, kejriwal too

bihar contractual teachers assured hike in salary  

firs lodged against thousands in madhubani district

janata dal (united) starts booking trains, buses for adhikar rally

cabinet approves plan to tackle encephalitis

landmine blast kills five troopers in bihar

unfortunate that no bjp leader from bihar has been invited: dr c p thakur

hazare to begin 18 month tour from patna in january

sc dismisses rape allegation against rahul gandhi 

how manoj's time at du helped him in 'chakravyuh'

urine jet can indicate prostate problems

bihar bjp leaders not invited to campaign in gujarat

ganga a source of cancer for bihar, up and west bengal: study

ganga driveway project ignored environmental factors

justice (retired) uday sinha to probe madhubani firing

madhubani’s grotesque tragedy: all’s well that (f)ends well

nitish to visit pak between nov 9 and 16

nitish govt has spent only 1 to 2 per cent of sc/st budget: punia

75 per cent attendance mandatory for sc/st students to avail scholarship

bihar police team sent to delhi to fetch teenaged couple

boy declared dead in bihar, found with lover in delhi

jd-u, bjp to contest lok sabha polls together: nitish

malnutrition rises in bihar in the last 10 years

bihar tops the country in child marriages

bihar shutdown: paswan, lalu detained in patna

opposition backed shutdown hits bihar

dwindling crows worry priests, devotees during 'pind daan'

jd(u) workers clashed in ara after postponement of cm’s yatra

education to empower youth in maoist areas

maoist insurgency? this happened in bengal in the 1770s!

madhubani: fresh protests as toll rises to three

nitish kumar defers 'adhikar yatra'

state govt ‘rubs salt into wounds’ as ig (darbhanga) made adg

senior rjd leader badly thrashed by goons for opposing sale of liquor

lalu blasts nitish for madhubani violence

nawada women protest against police action against dupatta, burqa clad women during nitish’s yatra

violence continues for second day in bihar's madhubani

madhubani violence, a pointer to the growing restlessness in bihar

protesters torch block office, police station in bihar

tribal tradition breaks, woman weds dead partner's body

two killed, dozen injured in police firing in madhubani

the nitish factor in the battle between modis

one person reportedly killed in firing in gaya district

former state ima chief accused of raping college girl still at large

bihar's suspected polio case tests negative: unicef

mahabodhi temple under terror threat

nitish kumar entangled in black dupatta

three killed as boat capsizes in bihar

unemployment level continues to remain high in bihar

meet bihar's 'pindadan' man - he saved their souls

sushil modi denies giving interview to any newspaper

sushil modi contradicts c p thakur, says gujarat cm not invited

another lathicharge on jd(u) workers at cm’s rally; this time in aurangabad

girls asked to remove black dupattas during nitish’s adhikar yatra

bihar bjp split down the middle over narendra modi

mahadalit woman set ablaze as she refuses to part indira awas money

bihar policemen postpone mass-leave protest

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lathicharge on jd(u) workers at nitish’s rally

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schools in bhojpur to remain open during nitish's yatra on sunday

storm in political circle as government official issues jd(u) advertisement

storm in nda circle as jd(u) mp calls bjp a sweet poison

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thanks to ‘black’ order, nitish’s meeting drawing  smaller crowd

black exiled from nitish kumar's meetings

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nitish’s self-goal perks up team lalu

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senior bjp mla blasts bihar power minister, seeks his immediate dismissal t.

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lalu attacks nitish over demand for special status to bihar

34 bihar officials sacked for graft in job scheme

bihar town observes shutdown over inaction against ex-legislator

police lathicharge on people wanting to see president

president mukherjee launches bihar agriculture roadmap

himachal polls on nov 4, gujarat on dec 13 and 17

bihar to develop gangetic dolphin watch centre

bihari flavour at wifw: samant zeores in on manoj as showstopper

‘bjp prepared to contest all 40 lok sabha seats’

cong not against alliance with jd(u)

lalu hits out at nitish for defending ranvir yadav

president to visit bihar from wednesday

bihar contractual teachers take out silent marches

12 die after consuming spurious liquor in bihar

no honorifics for president mukherjee in bihar university

bjp has nothing to do with party mp uday singh’s rally: sushil modi

patna police lathicharges jd(u) workers, truly

nitish gives weekly press meet a miss

fall in sales of four-wheelers in patna in august

left calls for khagaria bandh on oct 4


september 2012


11 khagaria policemen suspended

bjp mp slams nitish government

protestors wanted to take my life: nitish

rjd blasts nitish for defending ranvir, alleges emergency like situation in bihar

sp (sit) heads for khagaria to probe violence

five men arrested from jharkhand mla’s house on charge of gangrape in patna

bihar opposition wants fir against ex-legislator

maoists kill two in bihar

35 arrested even as no case lodged against ranvir yadav

teachers throw slippers at nitish

warrants issued against raj thackeray

case not lodged against ranvir yadav as nitish justifies his action

india tourism, patna celebrates the world tourism day

nitish kumar's rally marred by violence, police firing

nitish endorsed fdi when he was in vajpayee cabinet

bodh gaya to host buddhist meet

lodge fir against raj thackeray: delhi court

abvp against amu branch anywhere

another protest demonstration by contractual teachers at nitish’s public meeting

'no unmanned railway crossing by 2015-16'

railway takes responsibility for train-bus collision

bihar links jharkhand’s demand of land maps with pending issues

union minister expresses concern over rapid rise in atrocities against dalits in bihar

bihar links national youth festival to demand of special status

8 students killed, 30 injured in train-bus crash

your demands won't be met, nitish tells teachers

up, bihar have potential for wheat production: pawar

supreme court issues notices on sebi chief appointment

doctors at loggerheads with bureaucrats in bihar

stockholm school to hear bihar success story

bihar police recommends suspension of woman ips officer

cops refuse to guard jd(u) mlc after assault on them

bihar to plant six crore saplings

bihar govt’s move to oppose neet for admission in medical courses flayed

court dismisses pappu yadav's plea

nod for taj group plans for five-star hotel in patna

power will no longer be a problem, nitish tells industrialists

cycle firms apply brake as they failed to get land near patna

taru mitra cultivates rare organic rice

first batch begins at aiims-patna

bihar to use facebook to popularise sonepur cattle fair

meira kumar rebuffs special category status for bihar

bihar to set up its first it park

sc orders demolition of 336 houses in bhagwat nagar in patna

bihar turns to internet to make anganwadis work

nine killed in stampede in jharkhand prayer hall

3,395 vacancies of teachers exist in universities of bihar

madhubani sp denies any incident of chappal waving at nitish 

centre selects gaya, bhagalpur under solar city scheme

para teachers protest at nitish kumar's public meeting

experts’ no to bihar’s special status category

no respite from garbage for patnaites as private firms back out

former cop-turned-mla thinking in terms of quitting corrupt politics

last accused in papiya ghosh murder case nabbed, produced before court

former bureaucrat, janata dal (u) mla flay cm’s development claims

sangma inspired into politics by bhola paswan shashtri

manoj tiwari, ravi kishan to adopt animals at patna zoo

jd-u workers protest black market in fertilizer

trinamool ministers resign from upa government

post bharat bandh, nitish clarifies his pre-nationwide shutdown remarks on support

opposing fdi, yet bihar to sign with ernst & young to attract private retailers

bihar govt reduces vat on diesel; price down by 85 paise

shutdown near total in bihar

sc ruling to hit rti functioning in bihar

lalu says he too wants to be pm!

para-teachers disturb nitish’s public meeting in motihari

lalu flays nitish for changing stand on support 

will back any party which supports bihar: nitish

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high court pulls up pmc as waterlogging continues to wreak havoc in patna

nitish kumar demands special category status for bihar

achuthanandan for cbi probe into bihari youth's death

patna hc admits pil on uterus scam

mamata’s decision an internal matter of upa: nitish

seven arrested for illegal mining

trinamool quits upa, congress reaches out to mamata 

bihar to take loan for building four state highways

farmers surprised at nitish kumar’s opposition to fdi

lightning kills 10 in bihar

65,000 bihar police constables stage sit-in

aai relaxes deadline for patna airport till oct 31

nitish rules out early elections

heavy rain exposes patna’s parisian claim

bihar will not allow fdi in multi-brand retail, says nitish

bjp celebrates narendra modi's birthday in bihar

pucl seeks probe into gangrape-cum-murder cases in muzaffarpur, decies police inaction

lalu gifts 57 buses to schools, colleges

upa will 'fall' by december, says shatrughan sinha

flat-owners society essential to avail benefits of 2011 act

fix power, land issues for investment, corporate chiefs tell nitish

bihar to develop 55 more towns under spur

passengers of delhi-bound train looted in bihar

k. sudarshan dead

bihar cops attach properties of 5,839 criminal absconders

hike in diesel price cruel joke, says nitish

lalu prasad supports fdi in multi-brand retail

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bjp mp to hold demonstration of grief on sep 30

tte kills wife, son with iron rod

government hikes diesel price by rs.five a litre

nitish kumar faces protest by bihar rural representatives

court seeks report on plea against raj thackeray

martyr’s father plea for memorial runs into opposition

bihar cancels nursing home licences after uterus scam

13 ips officers transferred

state information panels should be manned by judicial people: sc

nitish lays foundation stone of six-lane bridge in gaya

pti’s patna bureau chief, ajay tiwari, passes away

warrant against approver in mishra murder case

rabri govt raised the demand for grant of special status category: lalu

is nitish shying away from gujarat campaign?

now, tigers and leopards targeted by maoists

bihar cabinet nod to another thermal power plant in banka

man beaten to death in bihar for eloping

patna police launches tenant verification drive in lodges, hostels

another gangrape case reported from patna

patna hc summons madhubani sp in girl abduction case

bihar boat capsize toll rises to 21

nitish defends police restraint againt rampaging ranvir sena supporters

iac supporters disrupt scindia's meeting

bihar leaders demand bharat ratna for verghese kurien

decision on prime ministerial candidate at appropriate time: bjp

nitish parries questions on election campaign in gujarat

nitish kumar to campaign against modi in gujarat polls

eleven killed, over 25 missing as boat capsizes in bihar

babus' interference in health sector angers bihar's doctors

65,000 bihar police personnel begin protest

rs 5.86 lakh seized from residence of district welfare officer, gaya

indian scientists find safe drug against kala azar

significant fall in workers’ migration from bihar

nitish launches bihar govt tourism website

thakerays are 'infiltrators' in maharashtra from bihar: lalu prasad

paswan wants nitish kumar to quit over fodder scam

thackeray bats for sushma swaraj as pm, bjp says decision later

maoists kill crpf trooper in bihar

a finnish solution to arsenic water in india

patna soon to have metropolitan planning authority

if i fail to bring power i would not seek vote: reiterates nitish

number of registration of flats comes down drastically, but volume increases

bihar village heads to get good governance tips

fish ponds to generate 70 mw electricity in bihar

cm asks dms to maintain communal harmony, better law and order

exorcist chops off right hand of six year old boy in bihar

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fodder scam: petition filed to make nitish kumar an accused

bihar student's suicide: rights body seeks report

cbi probe demanded into bihar girl's suicide

uddhav says digvijay is mad, never mind what granddad wrote

thackerays have their roots in magadh in bihar: book

main accused in patna gangrape case not minor: io

nitish-thackerays love-hate relationship takes a new turn

congress asks nitish to seek shiv sena’s ouster from nda

bihar cabinet nod to barrage on river dardha in patna

uddhav again demands permit system for bihari migrants

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poverty-stricken woman sells infant to pay debt

bihar politicians slam uddhav thackeray

nitish asks cameramen be pushed back after women protest at janata darbar

nitish thanks sushil modi on “pm material” statement, but said it is his assessment

third tiger cub at patna zoo also dead

bihar to celebrate dolphin day

few takers for sushil modi's claim that nitish pm material

girl suicide case: school students torch jeep in sitamarhi police station

now sushil modi says nitish surely pm material

bjp to organize rally in patna on april 15

“college girls of patna need peer group helpline”

nitish defends pulling up bhim singh for his remarks

another tiger cub dies in bihar

nitish flays maharashtra govt for not reining in raj

raj thackeray threatens to shut hindi channels misquoting him

bihar to confiscate property of criminals

two hindu pilgrims die in stampede

bhojpuri films needs encouragement: big b

doctor couple quit job after repeated extortion threat

raj thackeray threatens to throw out bihari “infiltrators”

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